30 weeks of losing weight EVERY week!

Maureen’s story, as told by Tomas – Senior Consultant and owner of The Natural Way Ipswich. April 2023

Meet Maureen, as you will see Maureen has been on a journey to improve her health (Diabetes), to help with her anxiety, be around and be able to play with her grandkids, ultimately to be able to fit on the slide with her grandchild – this is what she told me on her first consult of her reasons why she wanted to start losing weight.

Maureen has been one of very few achievers that we have had over the years that has not had ONE week where she has put on any weight, a very rare feat – 30 weeks of losing weight EVERY week!!

Unlike many of our clients who come in with reasons and excuses as to why they couldn’t follow the plan, Maureen was always asking “How can I do it better?”

As she says in her testimonial – “it wasn’t all easy – it’s hard to make life changes but as they say – you must weather the storm to see the rainbow!”

So, before you get to read Maureen’s testimonial here are some little facts that Maureen has achieved over the last 30 weeks:

  • She has lost 36 kgs in ONLY 30 weeks.
  • Losing 21.6% of her FAT in the process
  • Her Metabolic Age has changed from 77 years old to now 48 years old.
  • Gone from severely Obese to within the Healthy Weight Range.

Congratulations to our STAR performer!

…and here is Maureen’s testimonial.

“Today, 11th April 2023 – Day 209!

209 days ago, I embarked on an epic journey, a journey that I did not know if I would ever complete. 209 days ago, I never would have believed that today I would weigh 35kg lighter than I did 209 days ago. But I did. I completed the journey with the help of Tomas and The Natural Way. We chose Health & Vitality Program for me. While fish, particularly salmon remains my favourite food, I really loved making the beef casserole recipe from the recipe book (ref. page 30 Recipe Book) as I was able to make so many variations. I made it with beef and chicken and sometimes, I used lean beef mince and chicken mince and even salmon. I would add a variation of vegetables including using up the broccoli and cauliflower stalks which would usually go in the garbage. I always make it with the tomato base and add lots of turmeric and other spices like chilli flakes or peppercorns. The flexibility of following Health & Vitality eating plan suited me very much.  Pumpkin soup is another of my favourite meals, but I made up my own recipe with pumpkin and veggies and chilli flakes. No stock – just water. It is plenty flavoursome and thick.

No weird shakes, no fasting or hunger. Just fresh healthy food and exercise.

 And today is probably the lightest I have weighed since before I had children – about 42 years.

Tomas was always supportive and positive. So positive! And for that I will be forever grateful. He seemed to have faith in me when I had little faith in myself.  

Despite challenges and even sometimes tears, it was the easiest weight loss program I have ever followed.

And it paid off.

It was worth it.

  • It was worth the tears and anxiety in the beginning, worrying if I was doing it right.
  • Worth the hours of meal prep and coming home from work and realising that I had to do it all again.
  • Worth the judgement of family and friends, and them questioning my decisions.
  • Worth the hemming up of my third lot of work pants cause the others had got too big.
  • Worth the pride and elation that I now fit into size 8 clothes and the empty bank account that goes with it. Worth every early morning walk.

And all those who said, “Stop now. You’ve lost enough” don’t know the struggles I have had over the years with both my weight and self-esteem.

They don’t understand how amazing I now feel. How much energy I now have, often excessive energy!

And I love how I look in clothes. I don’t love so much how I look without clothes, but that’s a work in progress, and I’ll keep working on it.

I’ve put in so much hard work and am proud of what I have achieved.

The Natural Way has helped to make me a healthier, more confident, stronger version of myself. A better version of myself.”

The Natural Way comment:

Established since 1979, The Natural Way has been helping clients to treat the causes of their body imbalances, rather than just the symptom of being overweight, using natural herbal formulations.  In addition to our proven formulations designed for weight loss, we also provide an extensive selection of Health Care Formulations.  These natural formulations not only complement our weight loss range but allow our clients an alternative in the prevention and management of conditions such as menopause, arthritis, stress, cold / flus and other health care issues.  Combined, the weight loss and health care formulations contain powerful properties such as medicinal herbs, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, to address the slowing of the ageing process and preventing disease.

We can help you too (just like we did for Maureen) – call your nearest clinic today 1300 754 663.

YOUR 209 days can start this week!

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