Are we eating too many …?

Are you feeling a bit ‘paunchy’ lately?  You know the feeling – your shorts and skirts don’t seem to sit quite right due to the thickening around your mid.  Putting on weight around the waist and stomach area doesn’t just mean that you are overweight:  it can also indicate that you may have Syndrome X which puts you at great risk of developing Diabetes in the future!

In fact, Syndrome X is known as ’pre-diabetic condition’ and it is linked with obesity and being overweight.  Carrying excess weight around the mid-section is not the only sign:  a cluster of indicators for Syndrome X may include high levels of cholesterol and /or high blood pressure, frequent sugar or carbohydrate cravings, fatigue, anxiety, poor concentration, irritability, shaking, palpitations, mood swings, depression and restless sleep.

Syndrome X comes about by eating too many of the wrong type of high GI (Glycaemic Index) foods, like refined carbohydrates that are sugar or flour-based (e.g. white rice, breads and lollies), or by eating too many natural, carbohydrate-dense foods like processed grains and potatoes. The more carbohydrates that are eaten, the more the body produces insulin to combat the extra blood sugar.  When you suffer from Syndrome X, the insulin begins to lose its effect until eventually ‘insulin resistance’ occurs.  Due to the ‘non-response’ of insulin, blood sugar then rises and the body become sluggish, stores excess fat and blood pressure & cholesterol increases.

The problem with developing Syndrome X is that it is a pre-diabetic precursor so anyone with this condition will usually develop Type 2 diabetes.  But the good news is that Syndrome X can be prevented and reversed, by losing weight and avoiding refined carbohydrates.

The Natural Way has successfully helped many clients with Syndrome X by ‘coaching’ them through a Low GI weight loss programme and making practical lifestyle changes.

To find out more about The Natural Way, and how our Low GI programme can work for you, please call 1300 SLIMMER (7546637).

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