Coconut Water: Good or Bad?

The concept of eating paleo has certainly drawn a lot of media attention and, subsequently, foods endorsed by paleo gurus have become very popular.  One of them is coconut water which is the clear liquid found inside a young, green coconut.  However, coconut water is now manufactured in bulk and can be purchased in bottles, cartons and tetra packs at supermarkets.  Not only that, it is commonly used as an ingredient in smoothies / protein drinks at many a cafe.  But is it as healthy as everyone says or is it just marketing ‘hype’?

Coconut water is a low fat drink, and a healthy alternative to sugar-laden soft drinks & fruit juices.  Of course, when drunk straight from the shell, it has no artificial colourings, flavourings or additives.  In addition to that, it is cholesterol-free and quite low in calories:  it only contains 21 calories and 5g carbohydrate per 100ml (not bad).  Finally, coconut water contains a whole swag of nutrients including amino acids, zinc, selenium, iodine, sulfur, manganese, boron, molybdenum, ascorbic acid and B-group vitamins.

Like anything that is mass produced, there is a world of difference between all-natural, straight from the shell coconut-water compared to the pre-packaged, sold-in-supermarkets version of coconut water.  For example, popular brand Cocobella contains 7.5g of carbohydrate per 100ml and is around the 30 calorie mark.  Of course, it contains colourings, additives and preservatives.

Fans of coconut water say that regular consumption can slow down ageing, improve digestion, regulate blood pressure, lower cholesterol, improve the health of the urinary tract system and can be used in place of a sports drink to replace electrolytes after a hard workout.

So is it good for weight loss program?  Well, coconut water does contain calories, so these would have to be counted if you are watching your calorie intake.  Also, there is a moderate level of carbohydrate:  100ml of straight from the shell coconut water contains around 5g of carbohydrate (but this can be double if using shop-bought coconut water).  So if you are making a protein shake on coconut water, the count is significant enough to impact on your carb intake for the day (particularly if you are on a high-protein diet).

So I guess then, that we have to give the title for the best drink for weight loss as (drum roll…) WATER!  It’s thirst-quenching, promotes cleansing, zero calories, and keeps the body flushing toxins from the system AND IT’S FREE.

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