‘Get Off’ the Weight Loss Plateau

You have been dropping the kilos beautifully (…New Year’s resolution?) – but what happens if you hit the wall and your weight won’t budge anymore?  It can definitely deflate your motivation when you hit a plateau, making it tough to persist with your new healthy habits.

A weight loss plateau refers to an extended period of time – at least 2-3 weeks – in which you seem to be ‘stuck’ at a certain weight. It can be disheartening, but weight loss plateaus are a normal feature of losing weight and honestly, should be expected.

Today’s blog will feature 3 easy to follow tips to ‘break through’ the weight loss plateau and keep on losing!   



1. Change your Menu: Changing the way you eat can help ‘kick-start’ your weight loss. For example, if you eat 3 meals a day, try swapping to 6 smaller ones.  Or even changing a meal can make a difference – if you have a sandwich for lunch every day, switch to a salad instead.  Your body gets caught in a ‘rut’ if you eat the same meals day in and day out, so vary your diet as much as you can to keep challenging it.

2. Increase your Activity: When it comes to exercise, changing routines is the key. If you have been walking every day, take your effort up a notch. Why not have a jogging ‘spurt’ during your walk or take on some steep hills? Extra effort equals extra calories burnt and this may just be enough to keep the weight loss ticking.

3. Use a Food Diary: Recording your food intake daily gives you a record to show your Consultant. It is very easy for us to spot what it is that may need some tweaking to get the numbers on the scale to go down again!

It is crucial that you do not ‘throw in the towel’ if you hit a weight loss plateau!  If you need more help to kick those extra kilograms to the curb, then you need the expert advice of The Natural Way.  We have been helping Australians lose weight for 38 years, so our trained consultants certainly have plenty of ‘ammunition’ to assist you in getting over that weight loss stop.

Call 1300 SLIMMER (754663) now, and make a FREE appointment to talk to your The Natural Way consultant about your weight and health goals.  We know we have a lifestyle friendly program can be tailored to suit your needs. Mail Order (Ph 0458 754 663) and Online shop available; https://thenaturalway.com.au/products/

We would love to help you get back the body you want!

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