Helen lost 10kgs in 12 weeks!

Our Gold Coast Clinic consultant, Cora wanted to share an inspiring letter received from a very happy client a few days ago – so here is the details:

Cora said:

‘Today I am so happy and proud of my ‘Stay At Home’ client Helen’s achievements and hearing her joy of reaching her goal weight. I want to share her inspiring ‘real story’ with everyone!!!

Helen and I have been corresponding by emails weekly.  She started her weight loss weighing 75 kilos and her goal was to lose 10 kilos.  Right from the very beginning, I appreciated the detailed description she gave me of how she was tracking each week. The formulations used by Helen were;  Formulation A+; DeXtra, Formulation C-1000, Green Caps and Endocrave.  She followed our Health and Vitality Eating Plan.

After 4 weeks on the program, Helen injured her ankle.  While this injury may have slowed her down a little, it did not affect her weight loss negatively.

Helen achieved her goal of losing 10 kilos in 12 weeks.

Helen has given me permission to share her weight loss success and she also allowed me to publish her before and after photos.

Below is the email I received from Helen when she achieved her goal…’

“Oh, my goodness Cora – I’ve done it (rather “we’ve” done it)!

I am officially 65kgs!!!!!! 

It’s time to celebrate!  Yeay!!!!!

I have had the best week ever Cora and I thought of you through it all. 

Let me tell you……

I found last week that my size 12 shorts were getting loose, which was great of course.  Then one day I put on a pair of my once almost too tight size 12 jeans and went out with my daughter, but I found I had to keep hitching them up!  When we were sorting through her wardrobe, we came across a heap of brand-new size 10 Rockman’s (my favourite brand) shorts and jeans that I had bought her a couple of years ago because they were on something like a $5/$10 special (I can’t resist a bargain, they were $50 pants).  There were so many, that she started wearing some and kept the others for spares.  So, I decided to try a pair on, and they fitted me great!!!  So, I actually ‘took back’ three pairs of jeans and a pair of shorts.  And since then, I’ve ordered a few more shorts that Rockman’s had on sale for $9.  I am now a size 10, something I haven’t been for many years.  I’ve worn size 12 forever, even back when I was 65kg before, so my bum and legs must be smaller.  They certainly look smaller to me.  I’ve got to tell you, size 10 feels great (mentally). 

You sent me a flyer once that said, “Nothing tastes as good as being Slim” and that is totally 100% correct.

I did my measurements this morning and they are all down again. 

The biggest loss overall (for the 12 weeks) is my butt, which went from 115cm to 101cm – a whole 14cm!  That explains the smaller pants.     

So, I am feeling pretty good and proud of myself this week.  10kg in 12 weeks – it’s better than I dared hope for.  Thank you once again for your help – I know it wouldn’t have happened without you. 

Both of my daughters are very proud of me and were astonished when I told them how much I’ve lost.  

Because yesterday morning was so cold, I pulled out my trackie pants to put on. 

 At the end of winter last year, I threw out my oldies and bought two new pairs – in size 14.  When I put a pair on this morning, they almost fell off!  They are way too big!  Yay!!! 

 I guess I’m gonna have to go buy some more, poor me!!!!!

Now that I’ve gotten to where I want to be I won’t be changing my eating habits.  I even told myself I would have a chocolate bar to celebrate once I got there, but I just don’t want to right now. 

Anyway, after all that good news, I must go now.  I haven’t forgotten your request for an ‘after’ photo – I will get on to that and send it to you. 

Thanks again Cora”

If you are like Helen and is determined to get to your goal weight you too can find success with The Natural Way – just like Helen did.  Call 1300 SLIMMER (1300 754 663) today to make a FREE appointment to find out how we can tailor a program to suit your tastes, budget, and lifestyle.

 If you are unable to visit a clinic, our ‘Stay at Home Program’ can be the solution. Cora has helped hundreds of mail order clients with free weekly telephone consults and/or in clinic consults (we call you at a time and day agreed to suit) – and look what that did for Helen! Call Cora on 0458 754 663 for a Free chat about your goals and health expectations.

You have nothing to lose but some weight. Make that call!

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