Is a sugar addiction controlling your life?

Another 7 year success story – from our clinic in Tamworth


 I’m Dimity, a happy Tamworth The Natural Way client – I would like to share the story of my journey:

“I went to The Natural Way in 2012 when I was diagnosed as being “pre-diabetic”.  Fast forward 7 years and I’m happy to say I have been successfully maintaining my weight for the past 7 years!

People say that it is hard to keep your weight off after losing it… But actually it’s easy if you have committed to transform your life and habits.

The fact that I was alerted I had a sugar addiction was the beginning for me; I didn’t realise there was such a thing and that it was just as addictive as drugs or alcohol.

When I believed that was the case – I  worked with my consultant, to get on top of the problem and change my habits.

There was no looking back then and the weight has stayed off because I have been so careful about sugar consumption and my diet. If it is not going to be good for my body, skin, hair etc I don’t want to eat it.

I have followed these principles of The Natural Way for the past 7 years and have been able to keep my weight off with ease.

I still love food; I love cooking and experimenting with exotic ingredients, but I focus on those dishes which are high in vegetables and fruits. 

I still have cravings when I walk past a bakery.  However, I think about how bad I would feel after eating it and remind myself that I don’t want to go back to where I was – ever again!

It feels good to have that control.  I didn’t have that before going to The Natural Way.

Even though my motivation was extremely low when I started; my motivation, strength and willpower increased with every kilo I lost.

You can do what I did if you just take that first step to start your journey with The Natural Way.”

Is a sugar addiction controlling your life?

Be like Dimity and phone your nearest The Natural Way Clinic now and get started!

We’ll tell you what we know and show you how!

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Congratulations Dimity! The Natural Way is proud of your achievement!

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