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Julie joined The Natural Way in November 2016 after realising ‘enough was enough’ – you see, her weight had gradually increased over the years though she had always put that down to getting older.  However, when her children finally independent, she realised it was time to put her needs first for a change (and what she needed more than anything was to lose weight!).  

After looking into a few weight loss options she decided to go with The Natural Way as she liked the program and saw the results that a work colleague was having.  Not only did Julie lose over 23kg, she has kept her weight off and TOTALLY changed her life.  We asked Julie some questions about her transformation:

What obstacles did you need to overcome to lose weight?

Changing my mind- set:  I had to learn to put myself first.  Once I realised I could do that, I knew that I wanted more for myself.  My focus changed from accepting my weight gain as part of life to challenging the reasons behind its gradual escalation.


How Did You Do It?

Consultations with (my consultant) Thomas and using The Natural Way formulations provided a blue print which tracked not only my weight loss progress but highlighted my choices to become a better version of me.  Fatty wedges became a chicken salad instead – the power of saying ‘I can do this’ could be seen and felt at every single weigh in.


What is Your Advice to Others?

Just start – don’t wait until your reach that next week, next birthday, next year just make the call and take the plunge. This is for you, not anyone else and you will benefit not just physically but mentally – your world will change for the better.


How Would You Describe Yourself Today?

I am physically the best I have ever been and feel that getting to this stage has made me aware of so much more than just food and numbers. The importance of believing in yourself, the support of family, friends, and Thomas and everyone at The Natural Way has highlighted to me that although losing weight does come down to ‘you’ , you are important to a lot of people in your life.


So if you want to look as fabulous as Julie and enjoy permanent weight loss, now is the time to get cracking – we can tailor a weight loss program to suit your tastes and budget.  Call 1300 SLIMMER (1300 754663) to make a FREE appointment at your nearest clinic or email cora@thenaturalway.com.au to enquire about our ‘At Home’ program.  We have been helping people lose weight for over 40 years and we know that we can help you to get back the body you want!





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