‘Having a weight problem was something I had to deal with for many years of my life.  ‘I hated how I looked, I had no energy…I became depressed and ashamed of myself that I would avoid going out of my house’

‘I never looked after myself; I didn’t feel like a woman:  I felt like a nothing.  I totally hated myself.  I avoided looking at myself in the mirror…I used the out of sight out of mind scenario to cope’

‘The Natural Way  program did not only focus on weight, it also focused on overall wellbeing…as the weeks went by I could see the weight was just dropping off me’

‘As my weight continued to drop, my confidence began to climb higher…the world seemed different, I felt like I had just woken up from a terrible nightmare’

Helen achieved her 26 kg’s lost over a 40 week period on Quick Start, Health & Vitality and Low GI eating plans.

We have been helping people like Helen since 1979 (40 years) taking a holistic approach – and helping you keeping it off!

It’s not just the weight you lose, but the life you gain!

We are here to help!

Be like Helen and phone your nearest The Natural Way Clinic now!

1300SLIMMER (1300754 663) or 0457 754 663

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