Myth #8 – Energy Drinks are Healthy

Once upon a time, if you did some exercise, you would drink water to replace the water that you may have ‘sweated’ out.  However, using water restore your depleted fluid levels is fast being replaced by drinking an electrolyte replacement drink (such as Gatorade or Powerade).  Worse still, if you are looking for a quick ‘pick me up’, you will see the drink of choice for some are energy drinks.  The big problem with both types of drinks is that they are so high in sugar! 

Check out just how many teaspoons below (per litre):

  • Gatorade Original Flavour – 14 teaspoons
  • Powerade Berry Ice – 14 teaspoons
  • Red Bull – 26 teaspoons*
  • Mother Energy Drink – 25 teaspoons*
  • Wicked – 31 teaspoons*
  • V – 25 teaspoons*

* The drinks marked with an asterix also contains caffeine

Even drinks that are look like and are labelled as water, has sugar added (per litre):

  • Pump Water Berry Storm – 6 teaspoons
  • Vitamin Water Energy – 10 teaspoons
  • Vitamin Power Dragonfruit Water – 12 teaspoons

So what should you drink after you exercise?  Unless you are training for an ultra-marathon, there is really no need to drink anything but water…and lots of it.  Water is the quickest way to rehydrate.  If you feel you need an energy pick-me up, try a piece of fruit!  Fruit is natural, not artificially coloured, contains natural sugar and will give you important vitamins and minerals too (not to mention much cheaper than an over-priced & caffeinated energy drink).

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