Health & Vitality Program + Recipe Book + A+/21: SPECIAL

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1.  Health & Vitality Program details (H&V)

2. The Natural Way Recipe Book (104 pages). Choc full of healthy recipes, diet recipes to help fat  loss, low carb and vegetarian recipes, easy recipes to help you prepare healthy food and shows you how to diet.  All the recipes in the Recipe Book are cross referenced for all eating plans.

3. Formulation A-Plus (21 caps). Our key weight loss formulation. Formulation A-Plus has been carefully blended using traditional Chinese medicine principles. Diet essential, nutrition supplement, all about weight loss, weight reduction, lose fat, weight control. This means Formulation A-Plus is very special, as the herbs, vitamins and minerals have been carefully selected to ensure a perfectly ‘balanced’ formulation.

Your Specials H&V Pack contains:

1 x A-Plus (21 caps)    $43.50

1 x Recipe Book          $30.00

1 x H&V Program        $15.00

Normal Price               $88.50

SPECIAL OFFER    $58.50  SAVE $30.00



Select Health & Vitality eating plan (food combination) to lose weight with confidence.

Through the use of correct, natural body cycles, we enable our body to digest foods more effectively.

When foods are eaten in the correct combinations, our digestive system will work effectively and this will enhance the function of the metabolism.

It is essential that this programme is strictly followed, and that only fresh foods are consumed at all times.

The goal of this eating programme, is to rid the body of toxins, enhance the efficiency of the digestive system and improve the overall function of every organ.  The Natural Way Health & Vitality program is not only a weight loss plan, as it is also suitable for the overall improvement of general health.


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