Summer Special: 4 Formulations SAVE $13.00 and with FREE Post

Original price was: $135.50.Current price is: $122.50.

We strongly recommend  taking  these four essential formulations in times (like we have today) of added stress and attack on our immune system.

  1. Formulation B+ Zinc & Passiflora. – your STRESS formulation. RRP $33.50
  2. Formulation C-1000 – your antioxidant – immune booster. RRP $25.00
  3. Formulation D – fights infection, prevents colds and flu. RRP $43.50
  4. Olive Leaf Extract – Powerful anti oxidant,  provides relief from post viral fatigue. RRP $33.50

Total normal price: $135.50.  Special Offer is $122.50 with FREE postage included.

You save $13.00 + Save $12.00 Postage (free). 

Your pack includes: 1 x Form D; 1 x Form C-1000; 1 x Form B+; 1 x Form Olive Leaf Extract  with  FREE postage ($12.00)





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