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During each menstrual cycle, a woman’s body is subjected to cyclical changes in sex hormones levels.  All women are aware of these premenstrual changes to some degree and, for the majority, these changes are a normal feature of life.  If these physical or psychological changes become excessive and disrupt a woman’s life, she has ‘premenstrual tension’ or PMT.

The Natural Way’s PMT Wellness Kit is a combination of herbal formulations that help with the relief of PMT symptoms.  The formulations in the PMT kit contain:

  • Natural Woman: Contains naturally high oestrogen / plant estrogen for pre-menstrual symptoms relief.  This will act as a natural treatment for hormonal imbalance and ease uteral spasms.
  • Formulation EP: contains crushed seeds from the flower (Evening Primrose).   Cures mood swings.  Evening primrose oils is a natural herbal treatment for increased wellbeing and PMT symptoms.
  • B+ Zinc & Passiflora: Contains Vitamins B1 and B6, Zinc and Passiflora combine to act as a natural treatment for stress relief.  Calms the nervous system and aids in aiding anxiety and mood swings.
  • Formulation CC: An all-natural calcium supplement that helps in relaxing muscles so can aid in the relief of cramping.

In addition to the formulations above, The Natural Way PMt kit contains an information brochure that contains lifestyle and diet tips to help control PMT symptoms holistically.

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