START SLIM – 4 week LOW GI-Program SAVE $50


Food  Diary Journal

Tools to help you keep track of your progress – throughout the 4 week programme

Weekly  motivational tips, record of all food intake, self evaluation ,  and checklist


Recipes – for Low GI

Breakfast, lunch & dinner mouthwatering recipes included

All inclusive weight loss programme with long term results.


After completing Start Slim (4 weeks), continue on Low GI eating plan with

The Natural Way Stay Slim (4 weeks)


Need some help to get the weight off?

The Natural Way has the answer with START SLIM weight loss program

Start Slim has been developed to give you the BEST weight loss results. By following the guidelines, success can be yours. Start Slim – Your body will love it!

As we have been helping people lose weight for over 40 years, The Natural Way knows that losing weight is not just about ‘going on a diet’.  Our approach to weight loss is a holistic one, so just following a strict ‘diet’ or drinking meal replacement shakes is not enough to give you the results you need.  In fact, losing weight using a radical diet may give you some instant weight loss success, but as soon as you go back to eating ‘normally’, all the weight just piles back on…plus some.

You will find the key ingredients you need to help you lose weight – and keep it off – in our  The Natural Way  four week complete Low GI weight loss Kit.  DIY at home weight loss Kit. It includes:

Formulations – all natural and exclusive to The Natural Way, specially formulated for weight loss

  • Formulation A+ Monthly
  • De-Xtra x 2
  • B+ Zinc and Passiflora x 2.
  • Formulation C-1000
  • Formulation EP
  • The Natural Way Low GI Start Slim booklet – with guidelines, tips, eating plan & recipes
  • Pill box


The Low GI Eating Plan

Now for the exciting part…FOOD!  Before you commence the Start Slim weight loss programme, take some time to read through the Low GI eating plan thoroughly and make sure you really understand the principles involved. Lose fat on Low GI with all natural formulations and regular exercise


How Does Low GI Work?  The Low GI plan is based on the principles associated with Glycaemic Index (GI).  GI is a ‘measure’ that ranks foods based on their immediate effect on our blood sugar levels.  Carbohydrate foods that break down quickly during digestion have the highest GI’s which means the blood sugar response is fast and high.  In other words, the glucose in the bloodstream increases quite rapidly.  Conversely, carbohydrates which breakdown slowly, releasing glucose slowly into the bloodstream have a lower GI factor.


Why Eat Low GI Foods?  Low GI foods have widespread benefits for many people.  Most importantly, by following a low GI plan may help you to lose weight due to the regulation of blood sugar levels.  The effects on blood sugar levels can be of enormous benefit to those controlling Type 2 Diabetes.  Additional benefits of Low GI Foods include:

  • Lowering insulin levels which makes excess blood sugar easier to burn rather than being turned into stored fat.
  • Help to lower blood fats
  • Reducing and satisfying appetite for longer.
  • Helping to sustain endurance exercise for longer.
  • Reducing risk of developing diabetes & heart disease.


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