2 Formulations Stress Value Pack – Save $20.50

Original price was: $110.50.Current price is: $90.00.

Are you stressed out because of  cost of living issues, the flu, job security, financial pressures, or whatever – your health is everything!

 We have two specific formulations to help you cope with STRESS: EP and Green Caps

Wellbeing/ Stress Pack Special contains

2 x Formulation EP  $67.00

1 x Formulation GC $43.50

Normal Total Price:  $110.50

Special Offer Price: $90.00    SAVE $20.50  

+ FREE Post – Save a further $10.00

  Until end 31/12/2024


The Natural Way’s Formulation EP is made from the crushed seeds of the Evening Primrose flower.

Formulation EP is used for specific health conditions, as well as general wellbeing.  It contains a G.L.A. which is responsible for the production of Prostaglandins in the body which is commonly known as ‘happy hormones’.  Evening Primrose enhances metabolic function.  It is a natural preventative for mood swings and depression.  Also regulates hormonal function in the body.  (These are only some of the great benefits of Formulation EP)

Benefits of taking The Natural Way’s GREEN CAPS (GC).

Green Caps contain a part of the Ginseng root noted for cooling and calming the body’s organs and promoting hormonal balance. Throughout Traditional Chinese history believe of the need for balance within our body and The Natural Way Green Caps have been produced with this in mind.  We often refer to this calming of the system as the balance of Yin within the body. Ginseng may assist in reducing blood pressure and high cholesterol levels.  It may also assist our menopausal clients by cooling and calming those often distressing power surges (Hot Flushes!).  Ginseng is a wonderful overall body tonic.


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