Surprise visit – Founder of The Natural Way, Ann Wilkes comes for tea!

On Monday 2nd December Cora & Alec (Owners of The Natural Way) had the pleasure of a visit by Ann Wilkes the founder and owner of The Natural Way since its inception, during its first 25 years (since 1979).

In June 2004 Ann handed the reins of her beloved baby – The Natural Way business to us, the new owners and retired at the age of 72 on the sunny Gold Coast.

Soon Ann was diagnosed with breast cancer, but as with most of her struggles she overcame that and is enjoying good health again, and with no glasses! Earlier this year Ann’s eldest son, Michael sadly passed away after battling and losing his own struggle with cancer.

Despite all of this trauma and much more, Ann is now happily residing in a retirement village and is once again reaching out and helping other older people with their motivation and mental health. In 2002 Ann wrote and produced a CD to help people with Relaxation and Stress Management techniques. We were very pleased to give Ann some copies of this CD for use in her group sessions with her new following at the retirement village.

One would think that at 87 it would be knitting and drinking tea and getting on the bus to the Pokies for Ann….! But not so for our founding entrepreneur, and she is once again out there helping others! We are so proud of you Ann! We will be following your progress Ann and support you in any way we can – good luck, The Natural Way!

Cora and Ann featured in many events and photos together – looking back at all the photos – you have improved with time – just like a good red wine Ann!

We still have the/your Relaxation & Stress Management CD on range of course! Only $22

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