The Emotional Reasons For Getting Fat

Ever wondered what emotional reasons causes people to gain weight and become obese? Instead of focussing our minds on the physiological side-effects of obesity, we can instead explore the emotional reasons as to why obesity may occur in the first place. 

Can you think about somebody you know very well who is overweight (or is it perhaps you?) Can you identify a reason why from the list below?

There are two main reasons for the psychological (emotional) reasons for weight gain:

 They are and revolve around protection issues and acceptance & love.


  • Being fat protects me from the scarcity of life i.e. ‘I don’t have enough so I need to hang onto everything’
  • Being fat protects me from others i.e ‘the bigger I am, people won’t push me around’, ‘the bigger I am, the more people are scared of me’, ‘ the bigger I am, the more I don’t feel the pain of abuse’
  • Being fat protects me from myself i.e. ‘no one wants me anyway’ which is indicative of self-pity / defeated/ self-punishment
  • Being fat protects me from danger i.e. ‘the world is a dangerous place where anything can go wrong if I am not careful.  I need protection’.


  • Being fat gets me attention ‘poor me, I’m so fat’…helps to gain pity
  • Being fat helps me to please others i.e. ‘eating my mother’s / spouse’s food helps me to please others
  • Being fat helps me to fit in i.e. ‘my spouse is fat, so am I’
  • Being fat helps me to feel loved i.e. ‘if you love me when I am fat, then you must really love me’

Chronic stress, anxiety, and depression—as well as mental health conditions like bipolar disorder—may cause someone to use food to cope. They might also make poor dietary choices, which in turn can cause weight gain.

Maybe you can identify with any of these suggestions, (your friend or yourself) OR you may have heard the most used excuses of; ‘I haven’t got time’, or ‘I am too tired’, just to name a few!

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