Tips for Staying Motivated in Autumn


Oh dear the mercury is dropping a little….and so too is your desire to eat healthy.

It is true, now that Autumn has well and truly arrived, your motivation to stay ‘on track’ is a little more difficult to conjure up.  In fact, the drop in temperatures can make your weight loss efforts so much more difficult. It may have been easy for you to jump out of bed and have an early morning walk during Summer – but no doubt this prospect does NOT have the same appeal at the moment.  And as your motivation to exercise decreases, so too does the desire to lose weight!  Baggy tracksuits and big jumpers hide many a sin – and these sins can be forgotten about until it is time to pull off the loose clothing in Spring!

So how can you stay on track over the next few months?

  • Put a picture of a slim woman / man in swimmers on the refrigerator door.  Every time you prepare a meal (and those times when you are dying to ‘sneak’ a treat), you will be faced with the reminder of how you want to look by the time Summer approaches.  Through looking at an image of ‘what you want to be’, this will serve to remind you to keep up the good work over the next few months.
  • Reward yourself!  Set targets for yourself and treat yourself to something you really want (not chocolate!) when you achieve these weight loss milestones.  Little rewards like going to the movies, buying your favourite magazine or making an appointment at a beauty salon are great incentives.
  • Sometimes, you just need the support and encouragement of others to keep you focussed:  which is exactly what The Natural Way can offer you!  In addition to our tasty meals and fantastic formulations to help support your body while you lose weight, our caring consultants are by your side all the way.  You will visit the clinic each week for your own personalised ‘pep talk’ and their motivation and expertise will ensure you stay on track over the long, cold winter.  To find out more about our weight loss program, call 1300 SLIMMER (7546637). If you live too far away from the clinic to get face-to-face help, don’t despair.  We run a fantastic ‘At Home’ weight loss program and weekly phone / Skype calls with Cora (0458 754 663) will ensure you stay on track. If you are tight for time,know what you need, and can go without support, buy your Formulations online – we have a full range available for your convenience.

With the election out of the way – make time for yourself again! You deserve it!

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