Tips to Start 2019 the Healthy Way

Nearly everyone has set a New Year’s resolution, but who amongst us has ever stuck with one?  According to an American study, just 12% of people who set goals on January 1 hit their target by the end of the year.  Not surprisingly, the same poll found that half of the people who make new years’ resolution don’t plan to achieve them.  But deep down most of us really do want to change – it’s just that we don’t really know how to set resolutions that can ‘fit in’ with our life. Now is the time to stop treating your body like a nightclub (LOL) and get your head back into ‘good health’ mode:  and here are some tips to get you back on track.

  1. Drink More Water

Unfortunately, water is probably one of the beverages that is easily forgotten over the holiday season.  Do yourself a favour and buy yourself a 1 litre water bottle and aim to drink at least 2 bottles of fresh water during the day.  Water is not only devoid of any unnecessary calories but it may also boost your metabolism.  Add some freshly squeezed lemon juice to a glass of warm water in the morning, in order to help flush out any remaining Festive Season toxins and give your kidneys and liver a cleansing ‘jump start’ to the day .

  1. Cut Out Alcohol

Christmas is the time that we tend to binge on alcohol but now the party season is over, it’s time to get back to healthy drinking habits.   Guidelines to healthy drinking levels in Australia state that men and women should only have 2 standard drinks a day with 2 alcohol-free days a week (preferably over consecutive days).  If you were drinking in excess of this target over the festive season, then perhaps in your post-Christmas detox, give your liver a break and cut out alcohol from your diet – in fact, see if you can commit to doing this until the end of January.

  1. Eat Earlier In The Day

Holidays mean that a lot of people like to sleep in, leading to erratic meal timings.  But if you’re looking to lose that festive weight, it’s important that you get your meal ‘routine’ back on track and eat as early as possible in the day.  Eat meals at consistent times throughout the week and aim to eat dinner before 7 pm every night – this will help you to digest it better before you go to bed, decreasing the chance of you storing those ‘late night calories’ as unwanted fat.

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