Why Formulation EP?

“I just called to tell you I’m doing well!

Our Happy Client Story From Our Gold Coast Clinic

It was late one Friday afternoon when the office phone rang.  I raced over to answer the call before the phone rang out. Slightly out of breath when I answered the phone; the caller apologetically said, “I just called to tell you I’m doing well”!

Oh! how lovely of her to give me her happy news, I thought…

Mary lives in North Queensland, and she has lost her husband to cancer.  I knew from previous conversations that she still misses him terribly and sometimes she has a little cry when we talk on the phone.

The last time Mary placed her order with me, I felt the need to include our Formulation EP as a gift in her parcel. This Friday afternoon Mary explained to me she had been feeling on the verge of having a ‘melt down’ at that time.  She went on to say that soon after she started taking the formulations I sent, she started feeling better in herself.  She told me she was lighter on her scales.  She had lost three kilos. Again, she said, ‘I just wanted you to know I’m doing well and I’ll place my next order soon.’

After we finished our conversation, I had a feeling of gratitude.  It made me feel happy to hear in Mary’s tone of voice that she was feeling better than the last time we talked on the phone.

This phone call made me reflect.  While we may start off with addressing a person’s weight issues, perhaps there are other factors which can be overlooked if we don’t spend time listening to what the client needs.  In Mary’s case I do believe our Formulation EP has lifted her mood and may have prevented her from giving in to the looming ‘melt down’ she mentioned to me.

The Natural Way’s Formulation EP is made from the crushed seeds of the evening primrose flower. 

The benefits of using Formulation EP in your Formulations Prescription are;  

Our Formulation EP is used for specific health conditions, as well as general wellbeing. 

  • It contains a substance called Gamma Linolenic Acid (G.L.A.) which is responsible for the production of Prostaglandins in the body which is commonly known as ‘happy hormones’. 
  • Evening Primrose enhances metabolic function.  (A great benefit if you would like to lose weight).
  • It is a natural preventative for mood swings and depression. 
  • Also regulates hormonal function in the body.

These are only some of the great benefits of Formulation EP – contact your consultant to hear more!

For the clinic nearest you call 1300SLIMMER (754 663) or Mail Order call Cora: 0458 754 663

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