You may look at this consultation as a “fact finding exercise” where we will explain exactly how we can help you to reach your goal weight.  With this information, you will be able to make a decision whether to start on the program or not.  A Client Questionnaire which includes your medical history will be completed – so remember to bring a list of any medications you are taking.  We will also ask you about your past weight loss history and your current eating habits.  Once the questionnaire is completed, we will be able to make an assessment and explain how we can successfully help you to achieve your weight loss goals.  Of course, we will also discuss the easiest way for you to afford the program.

The Natural Way Weight Loss Program provides the perfect solution due to our comprehensive and unique holistic approach to managing weight loss.  We combine the principles of sound nutrition, the motivation of private consultations and the effect of long term behaviour modification to offer the most complete approach to weight management available today.

Your consultant will encourage and motivate you to practice sound nutrition that enables you to achieve lifelong behavioral change. No one wants to spend his or her life changing from one fad diet to the next. There is so much more to living a full life than worrying about the foods you are allowed to eat.  After taking into account your needs and lifestyle, a complete program of weight-loss, ongoing maintenance and health care is designed for you.

You will lose weight sensibly, under guidance from your professionally trained consultant. Then, she /he will ‘taper’ your program towards a natural way of living and eating that you can continue forever!  That is why we are The Natural Way.

We do not supply pre-packaged meals or hold group sessions – we appreciate that these may not suit everybody’s needs. Instead, you will enjoy your program at The Natural way because…

  • The consultations are private
  • The eating plans are individually tailored, interchangeable and easy to follow
  • You will feel supported and encouraged

Our weight-management program has been researched and designed to not only help and guide you through your weight-loss, but then to educate and encourage you to maintain your weight permanently.

You will lose weight effectively, by following the program as recommended by your consultant.

The Natural Way has been helping people to lose weight and change their lives for over 35 years. We do not use packaged foods or meal replacements and our programs are based on thousand- year-old Chinese medicine techniques.

No we don’t have meal replacement shakes, because we believe in the long term solution of reducing weight and keeping it off for life!  We will provide you with an Eating Plan and a Recipe Book packed with delicious recipes that are easy to cook.  You will be able to practise eating deliciously healthy food that is very kind on the budget while losing your weight.  Not only that all of our eating plans are family friendly, so you can all enjoy the same healthy, tasty meals.

Losing weight is not only about food or exercise – it involves so much more.  At The Natural Way we take a holistic approach – and therefore address all of the issues including food, exercise, motivation and support as well as supporting the vital organs of the body

The Natural Way Weight Loss Program provides the perfect solution to weight problems.  We provide a variety of nutritious eating plans, motivation through private consultations, a range of exclusive formulations and the effect of long term behavior modification to offer the most complete approach to weight management available today.

We support your body and all its vital organs with a range of The Natural Way formulations.  These are 100% natural and contain blends of vitamins, minerals and herbs, proudly Australian owned and manufactured.  The formulations are designed not only to promote effective weight loss, but also to complement the health care range by assisting in the prevention and management of conditions such as menopause, arthritis, stress, colds and flu’s, and other health care issues.  During your first appointment, your consultant will discuss your personal weight loss and health care needs and prescribe a selection of our proven, exclusive formulations individually for you.

At The Natural Way WE DO NOT HAVE:

  • Shakes
  • Meal replacements
  • Starvation diets
  • Pre- prepared food parcels

Trying to regain your figure, after having a baby, is often a problem experienced by new mums.  At The Natural Way, we can help with effective weight loss program options that are breast-feeding friendly.

We know that busy mums have special needs when losing weight: when you have a new baby (and possibly other children) to care for, you don’t have time to waste.  You don’t have time to buy special foods and prepare a different meal for yourself and another one for the rest of the family.  That is why on our programs you use your own fresh and natural food.

The Natural Way program fits in with your busy lifestyle, family and social commitments, ensuring that you can lose the weight you want to at the time convenient to you, while not disrupting your family.

Weight gain during pregnancy may be caused by hormonal imbalances.  In addition to this, sluggish liver function and an inefficient lymphatic system can also contribute to feeling lethargic, miserable and overweight.  These conditions are common in young mothers, and rear their head again before, during and after menopause.

The Natural Way uses natural formulations to bring your hormones back into balance, stimulate liver (and other organ) function and help to ‘cleanse’ the lymphatic system.  Losing weight The Natural Way, while caring for your new baby, will help you to feel healthy and help you to regain that lost energy!

Everyone is welcome to join our program and there are NO joining and NO membership fees.  As we individually assess each client, it is impossible to give a ‘set’ price as it purely depends on how much weight the client wishes to lose.  By choosing to lose weight The Natural Way, you will save heaps of money and years of emotional ups and downs by getting off the merry-go-round of fad diets and self help books.  Of course, we can tailor your weight loss program to suit your budget.

Yes we do – but we have much more!!!

Have you ever been on a diet and lost weight, only to put it all back on again (and more!) once you have resumed your normal eating habits?  This is the classic ‘yo-yo’ phenomena and it is one that The Natural Way is putting a stop to with the exciting Healthy Living program – the key to keeping  your weight off forever!

For many years people have been saying that they want a weight loss program that is easy to follow, and one that they can simply incorporate into everyday living and The Natural Way is doing just that.  But we know our clients want more than that. They love to lose weight in a natural and healthy way, and after they have lost their weight they want to know how to keep it off permanently.

At The Natural Way we have listened, and have incorporated what people want in our fantastic ‘Healthy Living’ maintenance program.  It combines our years of research and experience, together with easy-to-follow learning steps, that ensures that not only do you start losing weight immediately, but you also learn how to apply important principles that will ensure you keep your weight off permanently.

Yes you can.  The Natural Way program can give you fantastic results providing that you are in good health, motivated to lose your weight and willing to adhere to your program.

Our Healthy Living Program incorporates everything you need to lose weight now, but it’s far more than that.  We will help you to have permanent weight loss success.  Our specially trained Healthy Living coaches will guide you every step of the way via weekly, private coaching sessions.

These one-on-one sessions teach you simple strategies and lifestyle modifications you will easily incorporate into your life-style:   by the time you complete your program you will have achieved your weight loss goal, and you will be confident that you can keep the lost weight off for life.

To help you to overcome unbearable cravings, The Natural Way has formulated Endocrave.  This formulation is specific for regulating blood sugar levels.  Blood sugar level fluctuations occur naturally, however may be exacerbated by stress due to the hormones produced when responding to the stressful situation / environment.

The Natural Way’s Endocrave contains chromium picolinate.  This mineral provides a totally natural and effective ‘stabilizer’ for blood sugar levels, thus reducing the frequency of blood glucose ‘highs’ and ‘lows’.  Combined with managing your stress levels, Endocrave will certainly help you to keep your ‘new’ shape and banish ‘sweet fixes’ forever.

At The Natural Way, we understand that you have a life and it should not be put on hold because you are losing weight.  If you do that you can never achieve permanent weight loss as you will always revert back to bad habits.  On The Natural Way’s Healthy Living program you learn the skills and good nutritional principles that you can put into practice every way.  In fact, we encourage you to be social and we are here to help you make the correct food and drink choices when you are away from home, as we do not want to destroy all of the good progress you have made so far.

Dining out and socializing need not be a dreaded experience while losing weight.  With the guidance of your consultant, you will be able to go out to any restaurant and be confident that the menu choices you make will be suitable for the weight loss plan you are following.

One great advantage of following Healthy Living program is the flexibility of your eating plan; you are still able to dine out and enjoy social meal times without compromising your weight loss program.

Alcohol intake is one area that requires consideration as it contains calories / kilojoules so if you overindulge in alcohol, you are really overindulging in more calories / kilojoules (that is, on top of those ones you already eat), and these will eventually turn into fat.  That is why drinking low alcohol beverages are better for weight management as their calorie / kilo joule content is lower.

Ask your consultant to give you more information to help you cope with the eating out and associated alcohol intake – you have nothing to lose – but your weight!

The Natural Way has an extensive range of eating plans based on a variety of principles for weight loss.  Based on your personal lifestyle, habits and preferences, we will assist you in selecting an eating plan that best suits you. During your The Natural Way weight loss program your consultant will probably recommend that you switch plans regularly to keep your motivation high and prevent you from getting bored with the program.  With all the eating plans available we are sure that you will never be sick of your food – and your whole family will enjoy the delicious meals too!  You and your family will be pleasantly surprised when you cook food from our Recipe book.  The recipes are easy to make and the food is very tasty and good for the whole family.

If you’re carrying either a “spare tyre” around the waist, or suffering from high levels of cholesterol or high blood pressure, you may have the condition known as ‘Syndrome X’.  A cluster of symptoms indicating Syndrome X may include frequent sugar or carbohydrate cravings, fatigue anxiety, poor concentration, irritability, shaking, palpitations, mood swings, depression, restless sleep and storing excess body fat.

Syndrome X can be called a ’pre-diabetic condition’ and it is linked with obesity and being overweight.   Syndrome X comes about by eating the wrong foods, like refined carbohydrates that are sugar- or flour-based (e.g. pasta, white rice, breads and sugar based sweets), or by eating too many natural, carbohydrate-dense foods like whole grains, corn and potatoes. The more carbohydrates that are eaten, the more the body produces insulin to combat the extra blood sugar, until eventually ‘insulin resistance’ occurs.  The excess volume of insulin causes the body to become sluggish, promotes fat storage, increases blood pressure and worsens cholesterol levels.

At The Natural Way we have been addressing these issues for over 35 years, and there’s good news, because Syndrome X can be prevented or reversed, by avoiding refined, or too many natural carbohydrates, while also taking a range of natural supplements.  Balancing the body’s organs and losing weight do not have to be a boring, hard grind.  You don’t have to starve to lose weight – our clients are amazed at the choices available.

Is your current lifestyle zapping your energy?  Is stress an issue?  Are you getting enough sleep?  One of the first comments our new clients make on their return visit, is how good they feel on our program.  They mention that they are sleeping better.  Also that they have more energy and they are coping better with life in general.  The Natural Way offers a holistic approach to weight loss, which means your health will also benefit as you lose weight.  The specific herbs, vitamins and minerals used in our 100% natural formulations, assist in the overall wellbeing of your body.

This can be a problem.  While physical activity is crucial for good health, it doesn’t always melt kilograms – in fact, it may add them!

While exercise can help build muscle, it is true that muscle weighs more than fat.  If you keep a close eye on the scales, you can sometimes get disheartened by your efforts at the gym when the scales show an increase (despite the fact that your clothes actually are becoming looser).

The other problem is that exercise burns more calories and while you must burn calories to lose weight, exercise has another effect: it can stimulate hunger.  That causes you to eat more, which in turn can negate the weight-loss benefits you may have accrued.  Exercise, in other words, isn’t necessarily helping you lose weight.  It may even be making it harder.

The Natural Way knows that exercise alone will not necessarily promote weight loss.  For example, exercise cannot correct a sluggish liver function or balance your hormones which may be the root cause of your problem in the first instance.  Using the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine combined with an eating plan tailored for your tastes and lifestyle, The Natural Way offers the most natural and effective way for anyone to lose excess weight, regain their vitality for life, and help correct any health problems you may have.

If you are experiencing PMS, hot flushes, mood swings, dry skin, sleeplessness or any other symptoms related to hormonal fluctuations and think that it is simply part of life, it may be time to think again.  There is no need to suffer in silence.  Our unique formulations not only help with weight loss, but also help to relieve symptoms related to hormonal imbalance.

If you have sought help at your doctor for your menopausal symptoms, I am sure he / she may have suggested HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy).  The problem with this is that synthetically manufactured orthodox estrogen and progesterone HRTs can have an abnormally large affinity to estrogen-receptors in female reproductive areas, and this response can be the mechanism which may trigger cancer formation.  Synthetic estrogens can also cause metabolic changes in the liver, leading to increases in fluid retention, blood pressure and clots.  But while some orthodox HRTs may be ‘naturally derived’; it is the unnaturally large, potent doses of hormones that they contain which seem to be the issue.  It is believed that the body’s natural enzymes cannot dispose of such amounts, causing metabolic changes in the liver and accumulation in the system, resulting in the detrimental side effects.

Recent reports and findings led many women to seek natural or alternative options to orthodox HRT.  This is consistent with what we do at The Natural Way.  Our name says it all – The Natural Way, and this is our approach to helping you to lose weight, and to manage your weight and other lifestyle issues, including menopausal symptoms, in the long term.

Effective natural help for hormonal imbalances in women of all ages is available and this is without the weight gain and health concerns commonly associated with using orthodox treatments.  One of the formulations in our range of 100% natural Australian developed, ‘Natural Woman’, contains phyto(plant)-estrogens.  Phytoestrogens are components in plants and food that mimic the action of estrogen in the body.  When estrogen levels fluctuate, such as when a person is in menopause or PMS, phytoestrogens may be helpful in alleviating the associated symptoms.   The benefits of using natural phytoestrogen rich herbs for treatment of menopausal symptoms is simple: our herbs do not ‘accumulate’ in the system anywhere near to the same extent as orthodox HRT.  This significantly reduces the risk of side effects with herbs being used to treat menopausal and PMS symptoms.

Of course!  The Natural Way has a very effective ‘Stay at Home’ /mail order program and currently service clients all over Australia and overseas.  Our experienced consultants can provide you with personal service by email or Skype – and offcourse our initiated weekly support telephone call to you, so you will certainly experience one-on-one consultations – in the comfort of your own home.  Consultations, which are free, can be conducted weekly by phone, Skype or email.

Our The Natural Way franchisees and their staff are trained extensively at Head Office prior to working in their clinic.  The training is professionally conducted by the Company Naturopath.  It is very common, however, for many of our consultants to have been past clients and because they have loved the program – and their results – so much, that they have decided to join The Natural Way so they can help others.  Talking to a consultant who understands the trials of weight management can be extremely comforting and clients will find our caring consultants very easy to relate to.

All clients enjoy free, weekly, individual private consultations (in clinic or at home), and are provided with a total weight loss package combining a range of natural formulations blending natural Herbs, Vitamins and Minerals with healthy eating plans. We also have developed our exclusive Healthy Living, designed to teach each of our clients – in one-on-one coaching sessions – the techniques necessary to ensure they maintain their successful weight loss for life.

The Natural Way, a wholly Australian developed and owned company, claims great results from our popular low GI, food-combination, High protein/low carbs and Alkalizing Your Body eating plans, as well as our range of easily absorbed, natural herbal, vitamin and mineral supplements which are free from binding/bulking agents and sugars.  We also have an Adolescent Program, and a Diabetic eating program resulting from the success of clients who claim to have normalized their diabetes and blood pressure levels while losing weight with the help of formulations to balance the metabolism.

The Natural Way does not use weight-loss shakes, meal replacements or provide pre-packaged meals to their clients.  We firmly believe that our clients will only learn how to keep their weight off if they eat normal everyday food throughout their weight loss program and then carry on with their healthy eating habits once they get to their goal weight.

After all, we want to help you are attain optimum health and in order to achieve this, you need to make sure your diet is healthy and balanced.

We help you to lose weight using normal foods and then we educate you to continue on the road to good health by following five simple dietary principles that will ensure you have a happy and healthy future – if any of these five are not heeded, this may have a negative impact on your wellbeing.

To ensure a long-term healthy lifestyle, it is recommended that you address the following:

Eat Less Trans-Fat – Eat Less Sugar – Eat Less Salt – Eat More Fibre – Drink More Water – Adopt an active lifestyle

If, like so many of our clients, you’ve experienced inescapable feelings of guilt about your weight and the way it impacts your looks, then there’s a better way at The Natural Way.   Guilt never helped anyone lose one gram of unwanted weight.

Instead of feeling guilty about your weight, you really need help to learn what you need to know to gain control of your eating habits and food related behaviour.   This is exactly what The Natural Way has been doing for the last 35 years, and we have continuously stressed that we are non-judgmental and educational in our approach.

We do not believe that people lack will power, but it’s more about lacking the skills to eat more of what doesn’t add weight and less of what does.  This does not come naturally in a society that is increasingly geared to fast food and dining out, but in the end, it’s much more about knowledge and skills than wills.  Knowledge and skills can be taught and learnt – and we can do that with our Healthy Living program.

The Natural Way’s Healthy Living program is designed specifically for providing know-how and teaching skills for controlling weight gain and weight loss.  Following The Natural Way’s weight loss and Healthy Living programs means that you will never feel guilty about your weight again.

At The Natural Way, we do not have diets, only eating plans.  Join us and you will never have to diet again!

Despite what you may think, you are able to eat carbohydrates on The Natural Way:  it simply depends on the eating plan you are following.  It is true that we do have an eating plan where carbohydrates are restricted, but that is only one of a variety of eating plan options.

When you start on The Natural Way program, we try to find the eating plan that best suits your lifestyle, living arrangements and tastes.  So if carbohydrates are what you love, we will do our best to make sure they are included in your program.  However, if your weight loss results are not as we would hope, then we would make adjustments to your program so you are getting to your goal weight in the quickest possible way.

There is probably no one answer to this question – in fact, there are a number of factors that may have contributed to your extra ‘unwanted’ weight.  Being overweight occurs as a result of body imbalances in one or more of the body’s systems.  These imbalances may occur in the glandular system, which regulates hormonal function, the digestive system or the nervous system.  In all instances this may affect our eating habits or fuel uncontrollable food cravings.

The brain controls all of the different systems in the body and it relies on a number of brain chemicals to function properly.  At times production of these chemicals can be depleted, which may affect appetite control, and may result in a tendency to overeat.

The most common causes of weight gain are outlined below:

  1. Poor Blood Sugar Control
  2. Slow Metabolism
  3. Vitamin Deficiency
  4. Hormonal Imbalance
  5. Stress
  6. Binge or excessive eating
  7. Lack of exercise
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