The Natural Way Formulations explained…

At the Natural Way we take a holistic approach to weight loss.

As a natural therapy, we provide your body with a treatment of natural herbs and vitamins to assist in the body’s functions and restore balance.  These formulations are taken daily while following your eating plan as recommended. Weekly review provide feedback and motivation – ensuring results.

Benefits of each individual formulation are listed in short phrases on the Prescription List.  Here are the key points:

Formulation A+: Fat Cell Mobiliser

Sadly, our general population is becoming more overweight, with the rate of heart disease and diabetes increasing alarmingly. In excess of 60% of Australians are overweight or obese.

Understanding the need for weight control and long term health, The Natural Way has created Formulation A+ specifically to assist with safe and effective weight loss. The unique blend of herbs in A+ promotes the shrinkage of enlarged fat cells: the fat released from the enlarged fat cells is transported back to the liver, helping to boost metabolism which of course assists fat loss.

Essential for continued weight loss, Formulation A+ may also help to “calm” your appetite, and assists in lowering cholesterol while improving digestion and energy. An excellent source of natural vitamins and minerals, Formulation A+ is the “flag ship” of our weight loss Programme.

De-Xtra: Organ Detoxifier

When you are tired, lethargic and have lost your “zing”, your liver and lymphatic system are probably overloaded with waste and impurities.

Exhaust fumes, smoking, pesticides, food additives etc., can all contribute to a toxic overload and in many instances, convenience foods and take away meals can adversely affect this vital organ and give rise to a condition known as “fatty liver”.

A clean liver is essential for optimum weight loss and good health. By helping to cleanse and stimulate your liver function (and indeed all organs!), De-Xtra is essential to promote weight and inch loss, great energy levels and recapturing your mislaid “zing”!

We also strongly recommend a twice yearly “detox” using De-Xtra, Herbal Cleanza and a healthy eating menu plan such as Health & Vitality or Easy Body Programme to help restore and maintain optimum total body health and energy.

Formulation C-1000: Metabolism Regulator

Our vitamin C is 100% ascorbic acid, making it one of the most pure available. We cannot store Vitamin C, so must replenish our supply daily. By aiding in the improvement of thyroid function, Formulation C1000 may help to boost metabolic rate, thereby enhancing weight loss. Poor metabolic function is so often implicated in weight management problems.

A natural antioxidant, Vitamin C helps remove damaging molecules (free radicals) we ingest and inhale every day from pollutants, chemicals and additives which may lead to serious cell damage and illness.

Vitamin C helps strengthen our immune system to fight colds and ‘flu’, assists calcium absorption to limit osteoporosis and aids in wound and burns healing. It is also being studied for use in the treatment of immune system disorders and cancer. Increase your C1000 to four per day, (spread through the day) at the first sign of a winter sniffle.

A genuine multipurpose supplement, The Natural Way Formulation C1000 is an essential for both weight loss and continued good health.

Formulation C-C: Bone Strengthener

The Natural Way Formulation C-C is our very own calcium supplement. Depending on age and gender, we need between 800 – 1500mg of calcium per day, so it is vital for overall long-term good health.

Calcium is an essential mineral for many bodily functions. Its prime function is to ensure strong, healthy bones. As our oestrogen levels decline, we can lose bone density and sadly, one in every four women will develop osteoporosis, leading to debilitating fractures and curvature of the spine.

By age 60, 50% of our female population will be suffering with osteoporosis, and gentlemen, you are not far behind! Hence, all women over the age of 30 should include calcium supplementation as a natural part of their daily health care routine.

Not widely known, is that calcium is also essential for: normal muscle action, helping with blood clotting, muscle and nervous system relaxant, helping to reduce muscular cramps, restless legs and promotes a restful sleep. Could you wish for a more natural sleeping pill?

Formulation B+ Zinc and Passiflora: Stress and Nervous System Support

Our special blend of herbs, minerals & vitamins benefits the entire nervous system, helping to calm anxiety & take the “bumps” out of your weight loss. B1 & B6 vitamins help your liver to utilize fats, proteins and carbohydrates more efficiently, thereby promoting blood sugar stability, which is essential to help prevent those afternoon ‘tired’ slumps and dreaded snack attacks!

B1 can help reduce uncomfortable hormonal fluid retention and B+ taken with Royal Jelly at night may act as a natural sedative to help promote sleep. If you suffer with mouth ulcers or cold sore blisters, you may be low on zinc, so increase your dose to three or four daily.

This is one of our most popular and versatile formulations and many clients choose to keep using  B+ after reaching their goal weight, to help combat every day stresses.

Endocrave: Prevents Cravings and Stabilizes Blood Sugar

An essential mineral, chromium works together with insulin to control blood sugar levels. Chromium deficiency may lead to a state of glucose intolerance and insulin resistance. By improving these two states, known as Syndrome X, chromium can help to control sugar cravings.

Taking The Natural Way’s chromium picolinate formulation, Endocrave, three times per day after meals and as needed, you can help control your blood sugar levels and therefore enhance your weight loss. Your body absorbs chromium supplements best when they are in the picolinate form.

Some recent studies indicate that chromium may help to increase muscle mass which can help to reduce body fat and many Doctors are now increasingly using chromium in diabetic management.

Of course, if you do suffer from those dreaded afternoon munchies, Endocrave is a natural blessing to help you through. Don’t leave home without our “Clayton’s” formulation. If you use it – you won’t need it!

Formulation EP: Enhances Well-Being

Evening Primrose is one of the greatest preventative supplements in the plant kingdom. Evening Primrose contains one of nature’s richest sources of the Omega 6 essential fatty acid.

Evening Primrose also contains G.L.A, which promotes the production of hormone-like substances called prostaglandins, or “happy hormones”. These control much of our body’s biochemistry. As a result, “happy hormones” contribute to nerve and brain function, regulate the production of the skin’s oil production, are natural anti-inflammatory and even regulate the production of tears! They also can aid in the relief of symptoms associated with M.S, arthritis, skin conditions, hyperactivity and helps to balance blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

In the treatment of menstrual and menopausal symptoms, E.P comes into its own, helping to prevent mood swings & depression, aiding the relief of flushes and is now widely used in the treatment of cyclic breast pain, along with Vitamins B1 & B6 (found in our formulation B+) – naturally, there are no side effects.

The Natural Way uses the crushed seed of the Evening Primrose in order to deliver maximal therapeutic benefit to our valued clients. We find that heating & oil extracting procedures can interfere with the G.L.A content oil-containing capsule, whereas nature delivers that, in the seed form, without any problems.

Royal Jelly Plus: Female Hormonal Balancer

Royal Jelly Plus is nature’s own mega multi-vitamin and mineral supplement. It is produced by worker bees and fed to the Queen Bee, who becomes twice as large and lives 30 times longer than the poor little worker bee! Royal Jelly has been used for centuries in Traditional Chinese Medicine and is highly regarded in natural therapy.

It is considered to be excellent in promoting endurance and stamina, particularly in the presence of Panax Ginseng, as is the case in our formulation.

Royal Jelly Plus may help to promote weight loss through aiding hormonal balance, improving natural healing abilities and many clients note an improvement in the skin, hair and nails after a few weeks of use.

Green Caps: Cools and Calms the System

Green Caps contain a part of the Ginseng root noted for cooling and calming the body’s organs and promoting hormonal balance. Throughout Traditional Chinese history we are told of the need for balance within our body and The Natural Way Green Caps have been produced with this in mind.

We often refer to this calming of the system as the balance of Yin within the body. Once used by athletes for endurance and stamina, ginseng is an arterial cleanser. It may assist in reducing blood pressure and high cholesterol levels. It may also assist our menopausal clients by cooling and calming those often distressing power surges (hot flushes!)

Ginseng is a wonderful overall body tonic. It is a formulation we particularly recommend for clients suffering with heart disease, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

Natural Woman: Regulates Hormonal Imbalance, Especially Indicated for Menopausal Symptoms

As younger women, we often experience PMT, irregular painful periods, fluid retention, breast tenderness. Then, as we mature, hot flushes, mood swings, dry skin, loss of libido and depleted energy become more common. At all times during our lives, we can suffer the effects of hormonal imbalances which of course can impact badly on our weight as well as placing stresses on our nervous and skeletal systems.

With Natural Woman it is possible for all women of all ages to recapture the joys of the physical and emotional wellbeing that comes from naturally nourishing and balancing our fragile hormonal levels. Containing both plant estrogens & progesterone, Natural Woman is a total women’s health care formulation.

The potentially adverse effects of prolonged HRT use have been frighteningly well publicized. With its all natural herbal ingredients, our Natural Woman in conjunction with Evening Primrose, taken in carefully tailored doses, may well provide the answer you have been seeking to replace artificial HRT. Talk to your trained The Natural Way consultant today. We are here to help you – naturally.

Formulation D: Immune Booster

Our Front Line Health Care Product, Formulation D is a superbly balanced combination of herbs to help boost our body’s ability to overcome the effects of stress, pollution, fatigue and weakness.

Golden Seal & Echinacea may improve immune system response to infection. Also, Golden Seal aids calming of reflux, indigestion and bloating and is often used by herbalists to aid digestion. Buchu & Senna gently help to cleanse and tone the kidneys and bowel, Chelidonium & Rhubarb may benefit liver and gall bladder action and of course, Ginseng is a wonderful body tonic.

An essential part of our Health Care Programmes, Formulation D, taken before winter can help minimize the effects of the many infections often prevalent with the onset of the colder weather.

Formulation D is great to use in weight loss too! For a gentle cleanse while losing weight, use Formulation D every 4-6 weeks, particularly when using the Quick Start Programme.


Herbal Cleanza: Bowel Cleanser

Simple things like changing eating habits, giving up smoking or caffeine, excessive stress – any variation to normal routine – will often affect bowel behaviour which can lead to constipation, causing that awful, lethargic, bloated feeling. Our bowel is a major channel for waste removal and if not emptied completely, we risk re-absorbing waste back through the bowel wall.

This dries the bowel contents and the straining needed to pass a bowel motion can lead to pain, haemorrhoids and hernias.

Often, we resort to harsh purgatives which can further damage the bowel’s sensitive lining. The Natural Way Herbal Cleanza can gently assist in regulating bowel function, by promoting peristaltic motion that ensures total elimination. Also, used in conjunction with The Natural Way Herbal Tea, the combined herbs provide excellent benefits for bowel health.

We strongly recommend a twice yearly cleanse with Herbal Cleanza and De-xtra for continued natural bowel welfare. Very importantly, our gentle laxative does not contain sugar or carbohydrates, so will not compromise your weight loss.

Herbal Tea: Non-Caffienated, Cleansing Tea

Did you know that what we drink can affect our weight? Caffeine and tannin in coffee and tea are acidic so your body holds fluid to try and neutralize the acid. Any extra fluid retained = weight gain! Caffeine can reduce the effectiveness of insulin forcing the pancreas to produce more insulin, so the blood sugar takes a dive – hello snack attack – goodbye weight loss! Tannin binds zinc and iron, so high tea consumption after meals can lead to Vitamin B, zinc and iron deficiency.

Are you still looking forward to that next cuppa?

Our unique Herbal Tea blends 14 herbs to enhance your weight loss by helping to remove excess fluid and improve overall organ health. Taken at night as a hot drink with our Herbal Cleanza, it can help to improve bowel function. It is a calming substitute for regular tea and coffee and helps you to overcome caffeine withdrawal.

Eyebright, one of the herbs in the tea, is said to improve night vision. The bags make a soothing compress for tired, sore eyes – so – you can both drink it or wear it! Now that’s versatility!

Turmeric with Ginger & Black Pepper

Turmeric, Ginger, Black Pepper

  • Gluten Free, Lactose Free, 99% sugar free and Vegan friendly
  • Suitable for diabetics
  • Each 15ml Contains the goodness of 6 Billion good bacteria by NKCA value compared to a 25 Billion pure Probiotic Aids digestion
  • Assist in controlling harmful bacteria
  • Support immune system
  • Support general wellbeing
  • Natural anti-inflammatory

Olive Leaf Extract

Olive Leaf, Green mature Papaya, Pomegranate fruit and seed, Glycerol (vegetable sweetener)
• Powerful anti-oxidant
• Support immune system
• General wellbeing
• Anti-Viral / Anti-Bacterial
Supercharged: The Natural Way’s Olive Leaf Extract Bio-Fermented formula is 200% more powerful as an antibacterial than a standard olive leaf extract

Lychee Iced Tea

95% Bio-fermented / Probiotic Formula Lychee Green Tea concentrate, 5% natural vegetable sweetener (glycerol)

  • Aids digestion
  • Assist in controlling harmful  bacteria
  • Support immune system
  • Support general wellbeing


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