Olive Leaf Extract – Probiotic Formula


Suitable for diabetics, sugar free, lactose free, gluten free, alcohol free and vegan friendly

Olive leaf extract is a natural plant extract containing bioactive plant polyphenol compounds.  A well-known plant polyphenol measured for its benefits in the olive leaf extract is called oleuropein.  It is this active ingredient oleuropein working in combination with the other plant polyphenols that gives Olive leaf extract its powerful therapeutic properties. Olive leaf also naturally contains selenium, chromium, vitamin C, iron, zinc, beta-carotene and a broad variety of amino acids which in conjunction with oleuropein, work together to improve the overall therapeutic effect of Olive leaf extract


The Natural Way’s Olive Leaf Extract Bio-Fermented formula is 200% more powerful as an antibacterial than a standard olive leaf extract (phagocytic activity).

(research conducted by Southern Cross University, Centre for Phytochemistry)

Health Benefits of Bio–Fermented Olive Leaf Extract Probiotic Formula:

  • Powerful anti-oxidant
  • Support immune system
  • General wellbeing
  • Cardiovascular support
  • Traditionally used to relieve coughs, colds and flu due to its Anti-Viral / Anti-Bacterial activity
  • Can provide relief from post-viral fatigue when associated with cough, cold or sore throat

LIQUID – 500ml

For many centuries, the fresh leaves of the olive tree have been traditionally used as a medicine, and is traditionally used in western herbal medicine for the relief of coughs, colds, flu, sore throats and to help reduce fevers.

However, recent scientific research is showing that olive leaves have a myriad of benefits.

The Natural Way offers a natural alternative, which is not only effective in addressing symptoms, but also beneficial in preventing further progression of the disease.

What is Bio-Fermented?:  In order to support good gut health, The Natural Way Health range has an array of liquid herbal formulations that are in a bio-fermented base.  When something is fermented it means that the sugars and carbohydrates have been broken down by Probiotics, and when consumed, work as ‘reinforcement’ for the ‘good’ bacteria in the digestive system.

Through the fermentation process all the oxygen is removed, this way it cannot neutralise the antioxidants. The fermentation process also improves the nutritional availability. The insoluble molecules in the raw materials are converted into shorter, more soluble molecules, as our bodies can only absorb soluble molecules.

The sub word ‘bio’ is in reference to the bioavailability of the fermented food, this usually means that it is in liquid form, as your body can absorb the nutrients and Probiotics faster from a liquid.

Standard Dosage

OLIVE LEAVE EXTRACT Bio Fermented liquid – 500ml   $33.50

  •  15ml serving (standard dose), up to 45ml can be consumed daily
  • Children above the age of 3, half the adult dose
  • May be diluted with water (200ml glass), fruit or vegetable juice
  • If pregnant or breastfeeding consult your healthcare professional

 Each 5ml contains:

  • 1,856mg Olive Leaf equivalent to 25mg Oleuropein
  • 750mg green mature Papaya
  • 400mg Pomegranate fruit and seed standardised to 80mg
  • Glycerol (vegetable sweetener)
  • The above ingredients are processed in a Probiotic / Bio-fermented plant that ultimately changes the structure thus creating a bio active concentrate
  • Associated strains of lactobacillus acidophilus, lactobacillus casei, plantarum, Bifidus (Bifodobacterium bifidum), lactobacillus Bulgaricus, lactobacillus lactis, lactobacillus fermenti, Saccharomyces boulardii and Saccharomyces cerevisiae are used.


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