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At the Natural Way we take a holistic approach to weight loss.

As a natural therapy, we provide your body with a treatment of natural herbs and vitamins to assist in the body’s functions and restore balance.  These formulations are taken daily while following your eating plan as recommended. Weekly review provide feedback and motivation – ensuring results.

Benefits of each individual formulation are listed in short phrases on the Prescription List.  Here are the key points:

Formulation A+ assists in the process of breaking down the fat tissue in your body.  Assisting you in achieving a great cm loss and making the weight loss process easier.  You will notice size reduction in your clothes.

De-Xtra is an internal cleanser.  Removing toxins from the liver and other organs in the body so that the function of the organs improves over time.

Formulation C1000 is a pure ascorbic acid and therefore has a stimulating effect on the thyroid to boost metabolism.  This pure form of ascorbic acid assists in the formation of collagen in your skin.  Natural antibiotic & natural antioxidant.  A boost in metabolism will also boost your weight loss result.

Formulation C-C is a calcium supplement to support your bone tissue.  While you are losing the fat from your body, we need to be sure that you don’t have muscle tissue or bone loss.  Recent research shows that sufficient calcium in the diet improves weight loss results.

Formulation B+ is for the entire nervous system. When we experience periods of stress, the body uses up vitamin B and we need to replace it daily as it is not stored in the body.  B+ has vitamin B1 and B6, also zinc which is a powerful antioxidant and brain food.  Passiflora has a calming effect.  The dosage of formulation B+ can be increased depending on how your day is going.

Endocrave is to prevent food cravings.  This is due to the effect that chromium has on blood sugar.  The combination of Formulation B+ and Endocrave may cancel out the cravings completely at certain times in your month.  Endocrave is such an important part of our weight loss treatment because it promotes fat loss and assists in maintaining muscle tissue.  Please use Endocrave exactly as prescribed: 4 sprays under tongue 3x day directly after meals.  You may use one more dose of 4 sprays should you find that you have a strong sugar craving in any time of day.

Formulation EP … is used for specific health conditions, as well as general wellbeing.  It contains a substance called Gammalinolenic Acid (G.L.A.) which is responsible for the production of Prostaglandins in the body which is commonly known as ‘happy hormones’.  EP enhances metabolic function.  It is a natural preventative for mood swings and depression.  Also regulates hormonal function in the body.  (These are only some of the great benefits of Formulation EP)

Royal Jelly+ is a hormonal balancer.  The combination of ginseng, royal jelly and bee pollen is like a multi vitamin.  RJ+ is great for the condition of your skin, hair and nails.  Balancing hormones (not just female reproductive hormones) also improves weight loss results.

Green Caps is a hormonal balancer.  When we experience hormonal changes at any stage, we feel ‘out of kilter’.  Green Caps consists mainly of Ginseng which benefits our body in many ways (see separate document – Ginseng benefits).  Green Caps also assist in lowering cholesterol and blood pressure.  It also has a cooling and calming effect on the body.

Natural Woman is a “women” specific formulation.  Beneficial for young girls with period problems, easing uteral spasms.  Hormonal balancer for peri-menopausal women and women suffering menopausal symptoms.  Relieves hot flushes and provides energy to women in menopause who are experiencing ‘that tired’ feeling.

Formulation D is mostly used to boost the immune system.  The Ginseng in Formulation D is the same as in Formulation A+ for fat loss benefits.  Herbs in Formulation D also a great for colon cleanse, and a natural ‘anti-biotic’.  May assist with the management of colds and flu symptoms.

Formulation R T H… used in weight loss treatment, is the substitute formulation for De-Extra to provide a gentle cleanse.  It also aids Arthritis symptoms and is used as pain relief.  It is the formulation used by our Arthritis sufferers.  The herbs provide natural pain relief and are an anti inflammatory.  Rids the body of uric acid and improves joint mobility.

Herbal Cleanza is an all-herbal combination that acts as a gentle but effective colon cleanser.  It helps to prevent constipation by improving the natural peristaltic movement of the smooth muscle in the bowel wall.  By enhancing the effective removal of toxic waste from the colon, bowel motions become more regular without the use of harsh chemical laxatives.

Formulation HD is beneficial for those that retain fluid, allowing HD to have a natural diuretic action. The herbs in HD encourage the removal of excess fluid by strengthening and supporting kidney and bladder function. By improving the health of the renal system, HD is also useful for helping to prevent urinary tract infections.

Herbal Tea is a combination of 14-herbs that combine to create a naturally cleansing, pleasant tasting, caffeine-free drink that helps to enhance weight loss. This is because the tea helps to improve organ function which in turn enhances the bowel cleansing action, has a mild diuretic effect and improves digestion.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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