Natalie’s Secret to Successful Weight Maintenance

Back in 2014, Natalie Kebby visited The Natural Way in Narrabri with one big goal:  to lose weight before her wedding.   Her consultant Justyne gave her a personalised eating plan and recommended a range of all-natural formulations to support her body while she lost weight…and then the transformation began.  Not only did she achieve her goal before her wedding but she has kept the weight off to this day (and, in fact, lost a little bit more).  Here is the story of her weight loss journey…


  • Why did you decide to lose weight & what obstacles did you need to overcome?

I was getting married and I did not want to be a big bride – I was fast approaching size 18 clothes.  So my goal was to lose about 15 to 20 kgs before I got married.  I said to myself that I can do this and I did very easily with the support, guidance of Justyne my consultant and small lifestyle changes she helped me with.


Natalie on her wedding day –  almost 15kg lighter!
  • What is Your Advice to Others?

My advice to others is to just give it a go and set yourself a goal.  Don’t be afraid to make changes for the better – it will improve your health too.  Just think what you want out of life and what you want to achieve it.


  • How Would You Describe Yourself Today?

Now I am lot more healthy.  I have tonnes of energy.   I still use the formulations in the health care range and enjoy the benefits from the formulations.  I have joined the gym to get fitter and keep active. I participate in fun runs and colour runs, water ski and I have given up smoking.  I managed to get past my goal and down to 62kgs. I have built a lot of muscle but still fit into size 10.  The Natural changed my life and it was easy, not a restrictive diet, I was always eating, more than before, my husband and I both love the unique recipes from the Natural Way and the program Justyne individually tailored for me just slotted right into my lifestyle and has remained ever since.  Thank you to The Natural Way for the new me!

The Natural Way is not just a weight loss company:  We offer a comprehensive guide to maintenance via our Healthy Living program so our successful clients know what lifestyle changes they need to make in order to keep their brand new shape.  On top of that, you are entitled to FREE monthly maintenance visits to The Natural Way so we can keep ‘check’ on how your maintenance is going and ensure that your weight  stays exactly where you want it to be.  To find out more about The Natural Way, call 1300 SLIMMER (1300 754663) or visit our website HERE


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