One year of bio-fermented products at The Natural Way – many happy clients!

This month we celebrate one year of supplying three new bio-fermented liquid formulations (products) to our clients. With over 1,000 bottles sold, we thought a re-cap would be in order! These 3 products is to assist with a healthy gut – a very important aspect of your overall wellness.

Holistic health has been the focus of The Natural Way since 1979. All our The Natural Way formulations are designed to benefit a particular organ or system in the body, and if taken together providing a natural holistic solution to identified symptoms and conditions..

At The Natural Way, we value the integrity of the bowel flora as paramount in order to digest, absorb and utilize the food that we buy, prepare and consume. A healthy gut with a healthy Microbiome (gut bacteria) has the ability to improve immune function, increase nutrients available, digest foods and enhance cell communication. There are many damaging contributing factors that can cause imbalances to our gut flora.

What is Bio-Fermented?  In order to support good gut health, The Natural Way Health range has an array of liquid herbal formulations that are in a bio-fermented base.  When something is fermented it means that the sugars and carbohydrates have been broken down by Probiotics, and when consumed, work as ‘reinforcement’ for the ‘good’ bacteria in the digestive system                                                                  

Through the fermentation process all the oxygen is removed, this way it cannot neutralize the antioxidants. The fermentation process also improves the nutritional availability. The insoluble molecules in the raw materials are converted into shorter, more soluble molecules, as our bodies can only absorb soluble molecules. 

There are numerous health benefits of supplements in a bio-fermented base, which may include:

  • Improved digestion: 
  • Improved health of the immune system
  • Managing Anti-inflammatory properties:
  • Enhances bioavailability of nutrients:
  • Bio-fermentation helps create new nutrients and has been shown to improve the availability, digestibility and quantity of some dietary nutrients. 
  1. TURMERIC with Ginger & Black Pepper may provide relief to clients who have suffered with one, or many, arthritic symptoms.  Arthritis can be a debilitating and progressive disease and often harsh orthodox medications are used for treatment of symptoms.  Unfortunately these treatments often only mask symptoms, leaving the disease to progress further.
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  2. OLIVE LEAF EXTRACT is a natural plant extract containing bioactive plant polyphenol compounds.  A well-known plant polyphenol measured for its benefits in the olive leaf extract is called oleuropein.  It is this active ingredient oleuropein working in combination with the other plant polyphenols that gives Olive leaf extract its powerful therapeutic properties. Olive leaf also naturally contains selenium, chromium, citamin C, iron, zincbeta-carotene and a broad variety of amino acids which in conjunction with oleuropein, work together to improve the overall therapeutic effect of Olive Leaf.
  3. LYCHEE ICED TEA is a green tea that has a good nutritional profile with anti-oxidants and is a guilt free alternative iced tea
    Lychee fruit contains good amount of antioxidant Vitamin C, Vitamin B-complex and phytonutrient flavonoids. Lychee is a rich source of nutrient that is required for the production of blood; it strengthens the immune system and assist as a natural and safe stress reliever. It provides manganese, magnesium, copper, iron and folate.

Our 3 bio-fermented Health products are Gluten free, Lactose free, 99% sugar free, Alcohol free and Vegan friendly.

Available now from your local clinic (call 1300Slimmer for a no obligation, free consultation), or by  Mail Order (call Cora on 0458 754 663) or conveniently from our online store (pay securely by Cr Card, DT Card or PayPal )

Comes in a 500ml bottle, provides you with 33 days supply 
(Suggested dose:15ml per day in 200ml water / juice)
Only $32.50 per bottle which is less than $1 per day!

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