Fight Sugar Cravings & Stress Pack


Stress Formulations Pack

1 x B+  with Zinc & Passiflora

1 x Endocrave

1 x EP

with FREE Postage (saving of $12)



When experiencing a lot of stress, we tend to crave sugar or salt. Too much suger is damaging to our health.

Why not follow a strategy to battle the cravings with our ‘Stress Formulations’

Why B+?

It contains B vitamins, zinc and a well known ‘calming’ herb, Passiflora. Calms nervous system.  Aids stress, anxiety & mood swings.  Prevents stress associated craving & bingeing.

Why Endocrave?

Helps restore blood sugar levels.  Prevents food cravings.

Why EP?

Aids production of happy hormones.  Contains GLA (gamma-linolenic acid). Relieve depression. Naturally cures mood swings, source of omega fatty acids. Evening Primrose is also important to the body for prostaglandin production – prostaglandins are important for good health.


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