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It is winter…you can always tell when it gets more and more difficult to spring out of bed and start the day.  This is the time of the year that you can hide in your baggy clothes like tracksuit pants and jumpers, and seek out nice, warm comfort foods like pies, hot puddings etc.  While the next 6 weeks (we are over the halfway mark!) may be cooler than usual, that is not a sign for you to ‘undo’ all of the hard work you have already done!  It is best to keep focused on your goal and not to surrender to such temptations, as by the time Spring rolls around, you might find all of those shorts and singlets that you bought last year have mysteriously shrunk over winter.

So what can you do?  Stock up on hot low calorie / low fat snacks (like low-carb instant soups and air-popped popcorn – with no butter of course) so your appetite is satisfied.  Some people find drinking water difficult – this can be even harder in winter.  It is best not to drink it chilled, rather opt for room-temperature water.  If your desire really is for a hot drink, have water with a squeeze of lemon or herbal tea. The Natural Way’s own Herbal Tea is perfect!  

Don’t forget to get out and active – it’s the best way to stay warm and you will be burning calories in the process.  Did you know that in the cold weather, your body actually burns more calories than usual, as it has to work harder to maintain your core body temperature?  So really, winter is a perfect time to clip on your The Natural Way pedometer and hit the streets.

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Stay warm!

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