Tip of the Month: Spring Clean Your Diet

The days are becoming longer, the weather is getting warmer and the flowers are all out in full bloom – yes, it seems that Spring is well and truly here.  If you haven’t overhauled your eating habits to coincide with the change of season, then now is the time to say goodbye to Winter comfort foods and welcome Spring with a fresh new take on the foods you are eating.

 1. Revisit your portions:

In Winter, you appetite is naturally increased in order to ‘fuel’ your body to counteract the chilly temperatures.  Now is the time to reduce your food intake as this may help to reduce the extra winter weight you may have put on.  It may also help to counteract the mindless munching habits that you may have slipped into over the cooler months.

 2. Clean out your cupboards and fridge:

Go through your pantry and refrigerator and throw out anything that is a ‘hangover’ from Winter.  This includes heavy sauces, biscuits, cakes or anything else that is only going to hinder you from eating healthier.  Replace those ‘comfort foods’ with bowls of fruit, pre-cut veggies, plain yoghurt and other healthy foods so you won’t be tempted to snack on the wrong things

 3. Ditch the dehydrating drinks:

If your winter was all about red wine, cappuccinos and hot chocolate then it’s time to change up your drinks.  Start by reducing your alcohol intake.  Alcohol is a diuretic so it dehydrates the body.  Also, cutting back on alcohol will help keep the liver healthy which will promote an enhanced detoxification process in your body.  Caffeine is also dehydrating due to its diuretic action, so try replacing your daily cuppa with herbal tea or just plain water.  Water helps you get hydrated,  flushes out the body of toxins and helps to control your appetite.

4. Add probiotics:

Help improve your digestive health by probiotics to your daily diet.  A daily serve of natural yoghurt or other fermented foods (like Kimchi, sauerkraut etc) will help to promote the growth of gut-friendly bacteria which is particularly important if you were sick over Winter and forced to take antibiotics.  If you are not a fan of fermented foods, The Natural Way has a range of formulations that are in a probiotic base which are perfect for promoting gut health – check them out here:  https://thenaturalway.com.au/shop/

The  best  way  to  get  your  Spring  weight  loss  campaign  underway is  to  call  on the  experts  to  help  –  and  that  is  what  we  are!    The  Natural  Way  has  been  helping  people  to  lose  weight  for  over  38  years  and  we  know  that  we  can  help  you  to  achieve  your  wildest   weight  loss  dreams.    Call  The  Natural  Way  on  1300  SLIMMER  (1300754663)  and  make  your  FREE  appointment  to  find  out  more  about  how  The  Natural  Way  can  help  you  to  look  (and  feel)  fabulous by the time Summer arrives.

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