Watch Your Weight This Christmas

Did you know that researchers claim that, on average, everyone gains around 1.2kg over the festive season – the problem is that this little bit of extra weight can turn into a lot more if you don’t stop celebrating Christmas until the end of January!  However by simply incorporating some of the tips below into your diet, you can prevent this Christmas weight gain and keep healthy, happy and fighting fit.

  1. Opt for Turkey whenever you have a choice – compared to other red meats, turkey is very low in fat saving you countless calories. Of course, this means you should avoid the skin (as that has a much higher fat content).
  2. Roast your vegetables with less oil – avoid saturating your roast potatoes and vegetables in fat. Instead boil them for 10 minutes to soften them up before lightly drizzling them in a small amount of olive oil and putting them in the oven. Better still, serve fresh, healthy salads (with minimum dressing) with your main meal
  3. Make your own treats – instead of buying a 2kg tin of Roses chocolates (that is packed with 10,000 calories!) try making your sweets from scratch. Christmas cakes, trifle, rum balls… by making the slightest amendments to your ingredients list, you too can produce low fat/ calorie versions of each of these Christmas treats. With your trifle for example, simply swap normal jam and jelly for their sugar free counterparts and save a LOT of extra sugar & calories.
  4. Make alcohol free punch – drinking just half a bottle of wine can increase your total energy consumption by 250 calories, so take the step to swap alcohol for some fruity punch that your entire family can enjoy. Alternatively invest in some non-alcoholic wines or enjoy some sparkling water with a twist of lemon / lime and mint – deliciously refreshing and ZERO calories.
  5. Make your Christmas active – forget sitting in front of the television watching annual re-runs and instead go out for a walk or a bike ride with your family. This will help stop you from snacking on all the extra food that seems to appear at Christmas time and keep the kilos from packing on.
  6. Buy no biscuits or chocolates – easier said than done, but the reality is you wouldn’t normally buy, let alone eat all these chocolates and biscuits. So set yourself a rule: forget the chocolates / biscuits and support our Aussie farmers by buying loads of local stone fruit to get your sweet fix. More often than not someone will buy you a box of chocolates as a present anyway, so let them buy it for you and enjoy sharing them with family and friends (rather than scoffing the lot yourself).

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Enjoy your festive celebrations.


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