Debbie’s Secret to Successful Maintenance

We are proud that our successful weight loss clients have the opportunity to keep their weight loss off by taking advantage of our FREE maintenance program.  This month, I want to acknowledge the fabulous efforts of the lovely Debbie who is a maintenance ‘regular’ at our Gold Coast clinic.   Read on to find out more about weight loss success here:

Debbie Mc Dermott is a busy, working mum of two who spent 10 years putting herself last & making excuses about her size.  She had a wake-up call when her uncle and grandmother died close together and realised that she needed to start looking after herself if she wanted to be around to see her children grow up.  In April 2017, Debbie decided enough was enough, so she gave The Natural Way a call.   What a great decision that was!  Debbie lost an incredible 20kg and was crowned our national ‘Slimmer Celebration’ winner last year (and she had only lost 12.5kg at that stage).  Debbie has been at her goal for around 6 months and we asked her some questions about her success:

Debbie after 12.5kg (above) and today after losing 20kg (see photo right)



What obstacles did you need to overcome to lose weight and how did you?

The biggest obstacle was me, believing in myself and stopping the excuses. Getting into a routine of daily exercise and planning meals was the real key to success. The only person that could make me reach my goals was me and it’s also been helpful have a really supportive family.

What is Your Advice to Others?

Anybody can lose weight but you need to be 100% committed to yourself and changing your lifestyle. I started my journey setting achievable goals within a realistic time frame. I have never referred to my weight loss as a diet because to me a diet is short term. It’s a lifestyle change because for me that’s forever. I kept my weight loss journey very private, only a handful of people knew. Having a small support team is all you need, at the end of the day it’s your business, no one else’s. Be honest with yourself, the only person who can change you is you.

How Would You Describe Yourself Today?

Today I feel the healthiest I have in a long time. I don’t feel like the overweight and sluggish person I did when I started this journey nearly 1 year ago. I love walking in the mornings and starting my day with a positive mind set. I feel I have inspired my children and friends that anyone can achieve their goals. I am walking proof and I can honestly say I am super proud of the new me.

Debbie is an inspiration – she has no intention of ever going back to her ‘old self’.  If you are sick of ‘fad dieting’ and then regaining all of your lost weight, you need to come and see The Natural Way to learn HOW to lose weight and keep it off.  Phone 1300 SLIMMER (1300 754663) TODAY to make a FREE appointment to find out more about our lifestyle-friendly program.  NO MORE YO-YO DIETING – The Natural Way is your answer to long term weight maintenance!



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