HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) – Does It Do More Harm Than Good?

If your New Years’ resolution was to get fit in 2020 chances are that your good plans have been derailed by the restrictions brought on by COVID-19. Bummer!  Chances are that gyms and other training will become available once again soon – and you may encounter (learn about) a whole swag of exercise classes available that you had never heard of before – Barre, Tabata and Bootcamp just to name a few.  But the one that is taking the fitness world by storm is HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)…but is it really good for you? 

Find out more below.

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) involves repetitions of short bursts of intense, ‘maximal effort’ exercise, like sprinting; usually for anywhere between 20 to 40 seconds.

The theory behind HIIT is simple. By working out at your top level of exertion, you burn more calories in a short space of time than other workouts. What’s more, studies show that your metabolism stays in an elevated state for up to 24 hours after you’ve finished. Time-poor workers can get do a class in their lunch break, and then continue to burn off fat once they’re back at their desk. And in practice, HIIT can have impressive results. It’s an effective tool for increasing cardiovascular fitness, sculpting your physique and increasing metabolic rate. Hence why HIIT classes are becoming so popular

The problem with HIIT is that there is often no focus on form or technique in these classes. Instead, the measure of a good HIIT sessions seems to be how ‘destroyed’ you feel after a class. It’s inevitable that problems arise from this ‘no pain, no gain’ approach – injuries are common, especially in those people who have not exercised for some time.

If you are looking to get back into exercise for the first time in a while (how long was lockup…?), it would be a lot more beneficial to start with some low impact cardiovascular exercises like walking while adding flexibility and mobility practices to your daily routine (yoga or Pilates is perfect – even just planking daily will help to build your core strength). Do this for a couple of weeks to condition your body, and then start with the HIIT, once or twice a week.

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