How to plan a stress-free CHRISTMAS …it’s all in the Planning

The cold and windy Melbourne Cup is officially done and dusted, and we are on our way towards Christmas day (less than 45 days away!)  So, you know what’s coming up, don’t you? (No Covid restrictions this year!!!) …lot of Christmas get-togethers, drinks, dinners, lunches, and parties. You have so much socialising to do and, with that, the opportunity to overindulge is constant!  How will you ever manage to make it to January and keep your weight under control? 

 Lucky for you, The Natural Way is here to help!  We have our own Christmas Program which is your LIFESAVER through this most difficult time of the year.  Our fabulous Christmas Program is jammed packed with so much useful information including ‘Surviving Christmas Party’ tips, delicious Christmas Day menu ideas (that are all program-friendly), healthy festive recipes and so much more.  

The Natural Way is proud to offer our Christmas Program to all our clients for the bargain price of $15. BUT WAIT FOR IT – it comes with a $25 OFF voucher which can be used for your first formulation purchase in 2023. 

When you think about it $15 is a small price to pay for a program that is your ‘protection’ against gaining Christmas kilos.  …and with the bonus, is that you will also receive $25 off your first purchase in January 2023 – how good is that? 

The Christmas Program is available for purchase NOW from your nearest clinic or can be ordered via our website.

As always, The Natural Way will be offering some great specials over Christmas-New Year:  be sure to ask your consultant more about these.

Of course, if you need any more hints or advice about managing your weight over Christmas don’t hesitate in giving, you’re The Natural Way consultant a call on 1300 SLIMMER (754663), or for ‘Stay At Home’ Program, call Cora on 0458 754 663, or online.

 We are here to keep you happy, healthy, and feeling in control of your weight management this Christmas!


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