Is Losing Weight for Dollars a Motivation?

One of the questions we ask a new weight loss client is ‘What is your main reason to lose weight?’ Answers to this question vary from person to person, however the most common responses are comments like ‘to improve my health’, ‘to fit back into my clothes’ and ‘to look good on the beach in summer’.  However, according to the latest research, money is the most effective motivator when it comes to the battle of the bulge.

Money may help you to lose weight, but will it help you keep it off?

A study released by the Mayo Clinic compared two groups of people who wanted to lose weight.  One group was offered money to lose weight, the others were not.  The results were amazing!  Not only did more of the people in the ‘money for weight loss’ group actually complete the weight loss study, their results were much better!  On average, the group who were offered money to lose kilograms lost four times more weight than the group who were not motivated with cash.  Read more here:

Cash might inspire you to lose weight – I mean, I am sure if someone said to you that they would give you $1000 if you lost 10kg, you would probably do it.  After all, money talks!  But weight loss is one thing – does money help you to keep the weight off?  Well NO, if you consider the history of ‘failed celebrities’ who have been sponsored by Jenny Craig.  Past Jenny Craig ambassadors have been paid big bucks to promote the weight loss program and most have lost weight beautifully.  However, almost all of these ‘stars’ have regained their lost weight plus more – showing that money is not a solution to long term weight control.  e.g.

The best way to lose weight and keep it off is to accept that lifestyle changes need to occur, believe that you CAN DO it and call The Natural Way.  The Natural Way has been helping their clients lose weight for over 40 years and work with you to achieve your weight loss goal – we support you every step of them way with weekly private consultations (in clinic or at home).  During these times, your weight loss consultant is there to guide, support and motivate you all the way.  Not only that, we teach you HOW to maintain your weight once you get to your goal, so your weight will never be a problem for you again.  We don’t offer you money to lose weight – we want you to keep your lost weight off!  

If you want to lose weight and keep it off, we would love to help you!   Together we can beat the battle of the bulge!  Call The Natural Way today on 1300 SLIMMER (1300 754663) OR visit our website

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