Love a steak? Cook it right – how to – tip

For Quick Start, Health & Vitality and LOW GI clients – your protein/ concentrate.

Never ruin a good quality steak by poor cooking – what a waste!

Rib on the Bone, Tomahawk or T-Bone steak are best cooked at room temperature.

Heat pan on high.
Season as desired.
Place meat (seasoned side down) and grill for 3 minutes on hot pan.
Now season the top side and flip over, and grill for further 3 minutes.
Then pop into a preheated oven on 180 deg and cook in the oven for a further 30 – 40 minutes (less for rare requirements).

Rib on the Bone is a big cut, so cooking on the BBQ or frypan to cook through may take some time and ruin the juiciness of the steak OR has the potential to be undercooked. Although we have also seen this done beautifully with the longer cooking times when fried up on low.
With acknowledgement to our friends at CV Beef for the tip!

Do not be tempted by the delicious smells to eat more than your correct portion size…! (200-250gm recommended)

Add a salad of your choice (Recipe Book page 28), or any of the side salads (page 28) – and you’re all set


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