Myth # 4 – Start the Day with ‘Healthy’ Breakfast Cereal

Most of us grew up on this stuff – a big bowl of Corn Flakes or Rice Bubbles – with sugar sprinkled on top. 

However, the reality is that this is probably the WORST start to your day that you could probably have!  Highly processed carbohydrate cereals do little to satisfy your appetite for very long.  You see, all those processed carbohydrates, combined with sugar will skyrocket your blood glucose levels for a short time, only to have them plummet  just as rapidly.  And you are left wondering why you’re so hungry an hour after eating. 

Did you know that Nutrigrain – apparently Ironman food – is just over 1/3 sugar and it contains 3 different types of sugar?  If you read the ingredients of the cereal, you will find that sugar is the 2nd ingredient, followed by molasses as the 4th ingredient and then barley malt as the 5th.  Nothing like a sugar hit first thing in the morning!  It’s really an absolute blood sugar disaster.

Forget the cereal – if you need a quick breakfast, just boil an egg (or poach) or two (while you are in the shower) and have with a piece of good, multigrain bread spread with avocado (or just butter).  Protein in the morning – with some good quality, Low GI carbohydrate, is not only the most appetite-satisfying breakfast you can start your day with BUT it will sustain your energy for a much longer time. Yummm!!

No need to put your hand in the biscuit jar when you have morning tea, you will be feeling great for hours.

Dump the myth, choose healthy – The Natural Way!

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