Myth #6 – You are Overweight Because You Eat Too Much and are Too Lazy

 We know that Australia is currently in the grips of an obesity epidemic and the solution offered by ‘experts’ is that those who are overweight just need to eat less and exercise more.  This is just so off the mark as there are a number of considerations to take into account.

Let’s start with hormones – oestrogen, progesterone, testosterone, insulin, adrenaline, cortisol, gherlin, leptin, thyroxine…this is just the beginning!  An imbalance of any of these hormones can have an adverse effect on your weight and health, and eating less will not ‘fix’ the problem. 

Stress is another consideration – if you are overly stressed, then weight loss is virtually impossible.  The chemical changes that occur in your body when you are stressed triggers sugar cravings.  Also, fat stores are retained simply because your body is trying to ‘insulate’ itself against the stress.

As the weight loss process involves the elimination of excess fat cells – and the toxins contained within them – it is vital that the liver is at optimal function too.  The quicker the liver can process the fat cells, the more effective the weight loss process.  Therefore, it is important that the liver is supported during weight loss….and that doesn’t happen with a lot of weight loss programs.  

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