Three Tips for a Guilt-Free Easter

Easter is upon us yet again!  It’s important to remember that Easter is not an excuse for a 4-day chocolate feast.  In saying that, it is estimated that Australians will spend over $200 million on chocolate at Easter so that means there is a WHOLE lot of chocolate eating going on around the country.  If you are watching your weight – or just not wanting to get sick from overindulgence – The Natural Way would like to suggest the following tips to help keep your excess calorie intake to a minimum!

Tip 1 – Only eat chocolate on your allocated ‘treat’ day 

Instead of helping yourself to Easter Eggs every day over the long weekend, select Sunday as your only ‘chocolate indulgence’ day.  By choosing to only indulge in chocolate on one day, you will enjoy & savour the treat even more!

Tip 2 – Choose Quality not Quantity 

If you choose to indulge on Easter Sunday make sure you select good quality chocolate.  Don’t buy cheap compound chocolate eggs from discount stores (that usually contain dangerous trans fats like Palm Oil):  instead, purchase some high quality chocolate in a small portion size.  For example treating yourself to something like the Lindt ‘Gold Bunny Mini Milk 5-Pack’ (50g) is perfect. One bunny is only 54 calories, which means you would have to take a brisk walk for just under 10 minutes to ‘burn off’ the extra energy from the bunny.  By controlling the amount of chocolate you eat over Easter, you are better equipped to ‘keep tabs’ on your extra calorie consumption and plan the exercise you need to do according to compensate for your overindulgence


Tip 3 – Change your Easter Gift Giving Rules

Make a rule with family and friends that there is no giving of chocolate this year.  Move away from the Easter Egg tradition and start something new.  Why not try a fruit hamper, movie tickets, winter pyjamas (as we know that the cooler weather will be kicking in soon) or even a bunch of flowers?  Much healthier for all involved!

The over-riding message for a healthy Easter is to be mindful of your chocolate consumption and to get out and exercise in order to compensate for any over-indulgence over Easter.

Don’t forget to use The Natural Ways’ Endocrave.  This handy, pocket-sized chromium spray is perfect for nipping any chocolate cravings in the bud as it helps to stabilise your blood sugar levels.  Keep it on you at ALL times over Easter, and spray after meals as well as anytime you feel your resolve weakening.

The Natural Way wishes you all the best for a happy & relaxing Easter break.  If you need help to get back on track with your weight loss after your holiday, be sure to call your nearest clinic on 1300 SLIMMER (1300 754663) OR contact our Stay-At-Home Program expert Cora via email on or by phone 0458 754 663 We have been helping Australians just like you lose weight for over 40 years, so we know we have a program to suit your needs, tastes and budget.

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