Too much sugar is bad for us!

Sugar is emerging as THE evil food for the 21st century.  Two recent, best-selling books- ‘Sweet Poison’ and ‘I Quit Sugar’ (which are definitely worth a read) – explain in very simple terms why too much sugar is bad for you.  However, there is a lot of ‘hidden’ sugars in most canned / bottled / packaged foods at the supermarket and you may consuming much more than you really know.  After Easter (and maybe a few extra sugar loaded treats…?), this week, we will outline 3 simple ‘shop swaps’ you can make to cut sugar from your diet:

Shop-Swap No. 1:  Swap flavoured for natural yoghurt:

Yoghurt is a rich source of protein and calcium, and most contain a large amount of probiotics (‘good’ bacteria) which is great for your digestion.  However, some fruit yoghurts can contain as much as six teaspoons of sugar in a 200g serve.  Slash this added sugar from your diet by instead choosing natural or plain Greek yoghurt and then adding a little vanilla, cinnamon or fresh berries to sweeten it naturally.

Shop-Swap No. 2: Swap muesli for Oats / All-Bran:  

The problem with almost all of the muesli available in supermarkets, is that it is packed with dried fruit.  While dried fruit does contain fibre and some nutrients, it also concentrates the sugar, making your breakfast a potential sugar ‘bomb’.  For example, just one tablespoon of sultanas contains 11g or two teaspoons of sugar.  You are better off avoiding any cereal that contain dried fruit, and stick with plain wholegrain cereal like plain oats or All-Bran which are fruit-free.

Shop- Swap No. 3: Swap sauces for herbs and spices:

If you are making a stir-fry, it’s really easy to grab some sweet chilli and soy sauces from your pantry to add some flavour.  However, this can cause sugar overload.  We often ignore the sugars that sauces such as these contain. Sweet chilli sauce for example contains two teaspoons of sugar for every tablespoon – even good old tomato sauce has around 1.5 teaspoons of sugar per tablespoon! Use herbs and spices (with fresh even better than dried!) along with olive oil to flavour your food and use commercial sauces very sparingly.

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