Tips for Winter Weight Loss

Congratulations – you have made it past the winter halfway mark, which means there is only about six weeks of shivering & walking around in your Ugg boots to go.  How is winter treating you so far?  I hope you are being consistent with your weight loss efforts but I know at this time of year it is so difficult to be ‘good’.  This week, I want to offer you some practical ideas to help you stay on track for the remainder of July and August.

Exercise indoors if is too cold outside

Drink hot drinks – every single one of my weight loss clients this week has admitted that they have not been drinking enough water…and it is so crucial for successful weight loss.  It is difficult to drink cold water – even if it’s at room temperature – when it’s cold outside.  If you want to stay warm, you need to drink warm!  Explore the world of non-caffeinated drinks, find a herbal tea you like and sip on it all day.  Alternatively, if herbal tea isn’t your thing, even warm water with lemon and mint makes a pleasant, palate-cleansing drink that will ensure you ‘keep up’ your fluid intake .

 Slow-cook it – one of the only reasons that I like winter is because I can get my slow cooker out!  Seriously, it can be as easy as cutting up your meat of choice into cubes and adding it to the slow cooker with onion, non-starchy vegetables (such as greens), herbs and a can of crushed tomatoes.  Allow cooking on low for at least 6 hours and viola – you come home from work to a delicious, hearty meal that is low on carbs and fat!    Seriously, it is easy, guilt-free, winter comfort food.

Get active inside – If wind is blowing a chilly southerly and you don’t want to step outside, plan to do some exercise inside.  Move your exercise bike or treadmill inside during the colder months and make time to work up a sweat at least 5 days a week.  If you haven’t got these cardio machines at home, don’t stress!  Try yoga or Pilates class in the comfort of your own home by simply searching YouTube for a workout … there are so many to pick from!  Just find a workout you like the look of and go for it.    An indoor, activity plan always beats just sitting on the couch when you get home from work.

If you are still struggling with keeping focussed then you need to see us.  Professional support while you are struggling is vital for your success – and at The Natural Way we are the best in the business.  After more than 40 years’ of helping people lose weight, we know that we have the expertise, experience and commitment to helping you achieve your goal.  So if you want to be slim and sensational by spring – call The Natural Way today on 1300 SLIMMER (1300 754663) OR  Mail Order 0458 754 663 or visit our website for online sales:

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