What to do in Autumn

Beautiful Autumn is here!

Six tips to enjoy this time of the year:

1. Get moving outside

Don’t let cooler days keep you from moving, as the extreme conditions of summer and winter can be a challenge (if you’re not properly prepared), but in autumn the temperatures are cool, crisp and inviting.

Pick something you like e.g. walking (with dog, partner, or by yourself) jogging or cycling outside can be one of the best ways to soak up the natural beauty of this time of year!

Consider setting up a weekly neighbours walking group as a fun way to stay active and keep you motivated through the cooler months. Heading outside is good for your sense of wellbeing too.

  • The Natural Way’s ‘Walking Programme’ is full of tips and information

You may want to join an outdoor fitness/walking group?

No excuses!

2. Visit your favourite park or beach

Parks and beaches are less crowded at this time of year, making them great places to walk and exercise.

Walking or jogging on soft sand gives you a better workout than pounding the pavements, plus you can expend up to 50 per cent more kilojoules, depending on the softness of the sand.

If the water is still warm enough, try paddle-boarding or sea kayaking. Other ideas on staying active may include:

  • Challenge a group of friends to a game of beach volleyball.
  • Pack a healthy picnic, grab cushions and a blanket and enjoy time with family and friends beside the sea or in your favourite park
  • Mix up your activities.
  • Try something different, such as rock climbing, running or golf.

3. Eat foods that boost your immunity

Make food choices focusing on whole foods, including those that contain vitamin C, zinc and protein, can help boost immunity when it comes to fighting off winter colds and flu.

Foods high in vitamin C include capsicum, broccoli, kiwifruit, strawberries and citrus, which are all readily available in autumn. You can add Formulation C-1000 for a definite boost in your Vitamin C intake.

Zinc is found in fish and seafood as well as lean beef and lamb, which are also a good source of protein. Baked beans and pumpkin seeds also provide zinc, so there are plenty of nutritious and tasty options to give your immune system a boost ahead of winter. Formulation B+ Zinc & Passiflora your supplement of choice here.

Autumn is the season of warm, earthy colours – think deep greens, dark yellows and brilliant oranges. One rule of thumb is that the more colourful the food, the better it is for your immune system.

Beef and bean stews, porridge topped with pumpkin seeds and chopped nuts, seafood soup and hearty stews served with dark leafy greens and delicious fruit crumbles are all tailored nutrition for staying healthy in the colder months. Check out all the yummy recipes in this group in our Recipe Book.

4. Boost your positivity

As the days get shorter and the temperature drops, it’s often harder to keep the mood light and positive compared to the sunny summer months, but that doesn’t mean your mindset needs to be. Healthy habits such as doing regular activity and making sure you’re eating nutritious/unprocessed foods have been shown to help you keep a positive outlook and will get you through the winter chills. Make sure you have fun!

An Australian study found that doing 60 minutes of activity per week – no matter how intense – can help protect against depression.

It’s important to keep your mood up at this time of year because it can help you avoid everything from putting on extra kilos to feeling lethargic.

5. Practice gratitude

Not as silly as it may sound, sometimes it’s worth just counting your blessings and reminding yourself to not take everything for granted. It keeps you focused on the positive things you already have in your life, and helps to put a different perspective on things. Find 3 things (write them down or notice them with focus) every day that you are grateful for. It can be anything at all, big or small, as long as you appreciate its positive impact on your life.

6. Mindset activities

Now is the perfect time to practise being present, so you’re feeling calm, centred and balanced ahead of the bleaker winter months. It helps you focus on what you are doing and avoid getting swept away by regrets about the past or worries about the future.

  • In the morning: Before getting out of bed, sit up comfortably, place your hands in your lap and close your eyes. Take 10 deep breaths in and out. Focus only on your breathing. If you find yourself in thought, just let the thoughts go and come back to the breath again.
  • At lunchtime: Sit comfortably in a chair or on the floor and quiet your mind. With your eyes open, notice nine things in your surroundings. Just notice them without any judgement about them. This allows you to stay productive in the afternoon ahead. Not meditating, but close!
  • Ready for bed: Keep a notepad beside your bed and before you go to sleep, write down seven things you are grateful for. This helps you acknowledge the positive things in your life, no matter how bleak the weather.
  • If you like music, in bed, turn on Youtube, and quietly listen  (20 minutes is all you need) and focus to a relaxing piano music video – try Peder B. Helland  – it works a charm!

Enjoy a healthy and happy Autumn!

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