Eat More Vegetables!

With a fresh pair of eyes, this week’s consultations revealed new strategies for weight loss…

New ‘consultant’ Asta found that continued weight loss is possible by applying a few simple (but effective rules) – especially as it applies to brown bears!


Yes you are dead right – bears also need support, motivation and strategies to get through winter!

Big Bear Ben (age 28) currently weighs 34.8kgs and wants to be 30.8kg’s by summertime. No problem! Ben will also lose around his waistline from 82cm to 80cm. Let’s go!

Agreed Action Plan for Big Ben:

  • Eat more vegetables
  • Do more walking
  • Keep track of weight by regular weighing
  • Play outside
  • Less video games time



We will give an update on progress at end September! Good luck Big Bear

In the meantime – call your The Natural Way consultant for a FREE no obligation consultation to work out a strategy for your winter weight loss. Call 1300 754 663 for the clinic nearest you or for Mail Order call Cora 0458 754 663. Why not get your formulations online? – go here:

We have been helping people (and Bears) to lose weight for over 40 years – we have the answers!

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