Combat Winter Colds…The Natural Way

It is important to safeguard your body against all winter ills during the traditional ‘colds and flu’ time of the year.  The common cold is really a broad name that covers a wide range of symptoms such as running nose, high temperature, sneezing, coughing etc.  It is estimated that we catch up to 3 common colds per year, however all of these may have different symptoms and levels of severity, depending on the virus that has caused the cold in the first instance. 

Every virus that causes a common cold varies slightly in its chemical makeup, so even if you have already had a cold this year, any new cold virus that is circulating may be contracted by you.  It is the job of our immune system to fight these ‘foreign’ cold viruses which invades our body.  It does this through producing a chemical (or antibody) that attacks the virus and halts it from spreading to healthy cells – the antibody has to be an exact replica of the virus if it is to be effective in ‘killing’ the  cold bug. 

You know that your body is ‘run down’ if it cannot fight the virus – this means that the antibodies being produced are not exact replicas of the troublesome virus, hence it is being allowed to spread rampantly throughout the body, making you sicker.  A well-functioning immune system should be able to replicate and destroy the virus very quickly and easily – a ‘run-down’ system will not! 

If you want to make sure you are safeguarded against winter ‘nasties’ this year, we suggest you take the following four formulations  which combine to give you the best possible defence against colds and flus:  These are:

  • FORMULATION C-1000 – it has been scientifically proven that adequate Vitamin C levels can not only prevent the onset of a cold but lessen its duration and severity.
  • FORMULATION D – our immune stimulant!!  This formulation blend contains both Echinacea and Golden Seal – these are both specific immune boosters that help to improve your body’s resistance against disease / infection.     
  • DE-XTRA – this is our detoxifier!!  Being free of toxins will provide your body the right environment to keep healthy and ready to fight invading viruses for the whole winter.   
  • B+ ZINC & PASSIFLORA – Zinc is a mineral that plays a vital role in enhancing the function of the immune system.
  • With FREE Alkalise Your Body 4 Week Program; Available during June

If you have any questions about preventing colds and flu’s (or any other health issue), please call your friendly The Natural Way consultant on 1300 SLIMMER (1300 754663).  Mail Order Cora 0458 754 663 or convenient Online shopping at;

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