January Recipe: Healthy Tuna Stuffed Avocado

Here we are, not quite halfway through Summer.…and wow, what a scorcher.  I think no matter where you live in Australia, all of you would have experienced the extreme temperatures we have had to endure in the past month (not to mention the massive fires in Vic & NSW) – hasn’t it been a shocker! 

If you are feeling the heat (and who isn’t), then the thought of a warm soggy sandwich for lunch probably isn’t doing it for you. The hot weather outside can really kill your appetite for ‘heavy’ foods – it’s as if your body is telling you to eat light & healthy foods…and we have just the thing this month!

Our Healthy Tuna Stuffed Avocado is nutritious and delicious.  By including our easy to make ‘Healthy Tuna Stuffed Avocado’ on your lunch menu, you will certainly get a healthy dose of ‘good’ fats (such as Omega 3 from the fish and monounsaturated fats from the avocado).  Best of all, this recipe is low carb and research shows that restricting carbs in your diet is certainly the key to healthy weight control & reduces the risk of insulin resistance.


Healthy Tuna Stuffed Avocado
(Serves 2)
1 avocado, halved and pitted
2 x 100g cans tuna in olive oil, drained
1/2 red capsicum, diced
1/2 jalapeno, minced
1/4 cup fresh coriander, roughly chopped
1 lime, juiced
Scoop out some of the avocado from the pitted area to widen the “bowl” area. Place the scooped avocado into a medium-size mixing bowl and it with a fork.  Add the tuna, capsicum, jalapeno and coriander to the mixing bowl. Pour lime juice over. Stir it all together until everything is well mixed. Scoop the tuna into the avocado bowls. Season with pepper and serve immediately.

NOTE:  if you do not like tuna, you can substitute with 100g cooked chicken meat (skinned) or even 3-bean mix for a vegan alternative

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