October Recipe- Dijon Chicken

As we are heading towards the ‘downhill’ run to the end of the year, life can definitely become more hectic.  Planning festive celebrations, finding time to do Christmas shopping, receiving party invitations (and maybe planning your own) and all you can think about is making it to the end of the year so you can enjoy some time off…

Find ‘Dijon Chicken Recipe’ on Page 84 – The Natural Way Recipe Book

It’s very easy to let healthy habits go by the wayside when you begin to get busy, so it is important for your health (and waistline) that you make sure you continue to eat wholesome, nutrient-packed meals.

These do not have to be difficult to prepare – in fact, if you just make sure you keep a good supply of lean meats in your freezer and keep your crisper full of green vegetables, then you will never have a problem.

The recipe for the month for October can be prepared quite easily just with the basic ingredients you should keep on ‘standby’. Dijon Chicken really ticks all the boxes:  it is quick to prepare, easy, tasty and healthy.    Dijon Chicken is a recipe from our Low GI Program, but would also be suitable on Quick Start and Health & Vitality.  In fact, at only 10g of fat per serve, it really is a low-fat meal the whole family can enjoy.

DIJON CHICKEN                                                                                             Serves 1

1 chicken breast fillet, skin removed

Dijon mustard

1 tsp olive oil

METHOD:  Trim all fat & skin off chicken breast fillet.  Coat both sides of chicken breast fillet with Dijon mustard.  Heat olive oil in frypan.  Gently fry chicken fillet, until cooked through.  Serve with large salad or 1 cup of steamed green low-GI vegetables. (per serve: 10g fat  / 0g carb / 27g protein / 198 cals / 831 kj )

Keep Healthy – see you in November.

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