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Healthy recipes, diet recipes to help fat loss, low carb and vegetarian recipes, easy recipes to help you prepare healthy food and shows you how to diet.  All the recipes in the Recipe Book are cross referenced for all eating plans.

At The Natural Way, we advocate getting ‘back to basics’ so the recipes in this book are designed to help you lose or manage your weight using a selection of ingredients that you will be able to easily find in any supermarket.  We also appreciate that you are very busy and how important your limited time is so that’s why all of the recipes are easy to prepare, take very little time to cook and are tasty enough for the whole family to enjoy.  Losing weight with The Natural Way means you are not the only one to benefit, rather everyone you cook for can enjoy the benefits of ‘Healthy Living’.

 In order to give some ideas for meals on our eating plans, The Natural Way has their own recipe book, jammed packed with around 150 meal suggestions.  You will find each recipe has been nutritionally analyzed, is easy to cook and we know your whole family will enjoy any of the tasty dishes in the book.

How it works

For example; If you are following the Health and Vitality eating plan, you should cook only those recipes that are in the orange section of the recipe book.

In some instances you may find there are some recipes that may be suitable to be used for more than one eating plan.  To ensure the recipe fits the guidelines of more than one eating plan, the recipe may be slightly altered i.e. there may be the exclusion or inclusion of a particular ingredient.


Please make sure you adhere to the alterations specific for the plan you are following, otherwise your weight loss progress will be slowed.

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