Personal Trainer Keeping it Real Post-Baby

Tiffiny Hall is a personal trainer who found fame by featuring on ‘The Biggest Loser’.  Being gorgeous and in great shape, no wonder she became an overnight household name.  She helped many of the contestants on the show with their weight loss battles however now she is overcoming her own body challenge.  Tiffiny recently gave birth to her first child and is publicly sharing how hard it is to lose the 30kg she gained during pregnancy – and her take on getting her body back is refreshingly real!  (you can read more here: )

With social media being such a big part of our lives unfortunately some celebrity mums have taken to it to show off their amazing post-baby bodies.  Check out Rebecca Judd for example:  she looks totally amazing in a pair of skinny jeans just 11 days after giving birth to twins (see pic below from Rebecca’s Instagram account), but for the 99.9% of mums’ whose figures don’t just ‘bounce back’ after giving birth, photos like these can make a new mum feel like a failure and totally inadequate.

This is where Tiffiny Hall is a total breath of fresh air – she admits that the struggle is real!  She has been posting her own post-baby photos (which are not quite as glamorous as Rebecca Judd’s shots) and publicly declares that while her body not ‘bounce back’ to the way it looked pre-baby, she is proud that her body carried such a beautiful baby.

Better still, she talks very openly about not hitting the gym in a hurry to get her old body back.  She says (and I quote), “I’ve concentrated on being happy and enjoying my baby.  I have put self-care first and my baby first and not worried about my body.”  A celebrity mother who is not getting a nanny to care for her child so she can pound out the kilometres on the treadmill?  I take my hat off to you Tiffiny for being so honest and open about your motherhood journey.

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