Alkalise Your Body Program + Recipe Book + A+ SPECIAL SAVE $30



1.    Alkalise Your Body Program details (booklet)

2. The Natural Way Recipe Book (104 pages). Choc full of healthy recipes, diet recipes to help fat  loss, low carb and vegetarian recipes, easy recipes to help you prepare healthy food and shows you how to diet.  All the recipes in the Recipe Book are cross referenced for all eating plans.

3. Formulation A-Plus (21 caps). Our key weight loss formulation. Formulation A-Plus has been carefully blended using traditional Chinese medicine principles. Diet essential, nutrition supplement, all about weight loss, weight reduction, lose fat, weight control. This means Formulation A-Plus is very special, as the herbs, vitamins and minerals have been carefully selected to ensure a perfectly ‘balanced’ formulation.

Your Pack contains:

1 x A-Plus (21 caps)                 $43.50

1 x Recipe Book                       $30.00

1 x Alkalise Your Body Program          $15.00

Normal Price                            $88.50

SPECIAL OFFER    $58.50 SAVE $30.00



The Natural Way’s Alkalise Your Body Program has been designed to get you REAL results – weight gain can occur when the body is over-burdened by acidic toxins which ‘slow down’ the function of your organs.  The Alkalise Your Body Program ensures you eat plenty of alkalising food which will help to promote weight loss and good health.

There are 3 phases to our Alkalise Your Body Program and runs over a 4 week period:

Phase 1:  The first two weeks of the Alkalise Your Body Program focuses on alkalising the diet through eating foods that are mainly plant based.

Phase 2:  Week 3 focuses on limiting carbohydrates in the diet to promote weight loss through the fat burning process.

Phase 3:  The final week of the program incorporates more ‘good’ carbohydrates in the plan – these Low Glycemic Index (GI) carbohydrates are included due to their ability to release glucose for a sustained period of time.


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