Stress Kit contents:  Green Caps, B+ Zinc & Passiflora, Formulation CC, Formulation D: NOTE: B+ Zinc & Passiflora is replaced with Turmeric Probiotic Formula



Stress causes the body to go through a variety of chemical changes due to the hormones that are released in response to the stress.  No matter if the stress is emotional or physical, your body’s ability to ‘withstand’ the effects of adrenaline & cortisone will determine how well you manage the stress.  Unfortunately, the more stress you are under the more prone you are to the side effects of stress which can include serious health issues such as heart disease, ulcers, asthma etc.

The Natural Way’s Stress kit contains formulations that are specific in aiding stress management.   The combination of our formulations will relieve nervous tension, stress and mild anxiety.    By providing relief from stress, you will feel less fatigue and much more ‘calm’ in your everyday activities.  Our Stress Kit will help you with how to deal with stress so it does not ‘take over’ your life.


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