Can you imagine what it feels like losing 30kg’s?

This is a question my client Rosie has answered. 

This is her story…

Rosie describes her weight loss journey as a big one.  She told me she seemed to have been on and off one diet or another for her entire adult life.  When she had her 63rd birthday; she thought she finally ‘got it’.   She said when she was dieting previously, if she had a couple of weeks resulting in no weight loss; she would think… ‘blow it, if I’m not losing weight I might as well eat’ and of course – back the weight came.  Rosie called herself the ‘lost & found department’!

However, this time going on The Natural Way as a ‘Stay at Home’ client, Rosie with my support and encouragement, has lost 30 kilos (since 2021)and says she now feels the best she’s felt for a long time. Well done, Rosie!

Rosie said it wasn’t easy or quick for her to lose weight.  She lost 20 kilos during the first year and 10 kilos during the second year.  During that time, she experienced several weeks with no weight loss at all.  She valued our weekly telephone chats and said it has helped her to stay on track. Rosie said to me: ‘Cora, you are my life coach’.

 She has worked out for herself that if she stays on track during the week, then this allows her a treat on a Sunday and found it worked well for her.  This way she never felt deprived because she could eat anything she liked… if it was on Sunday!

Rosie also said losing weight is not all about eating.  She also loves going for walks with her husband most days, even when away with their caravan.  In summer she also swims as well. 

Rosie’s letter to me was so nice: “I am one happy camper! Thank you so much Cora and The Natural Way – you are a winning combination! P.S. I have been maintaining for over two months now and I am feeling great!”

Could it be because she and her husband just finished a big Tasmanian tour with their camper van?

Rosie and her husband have retired and they are lucky to travel with their caravan to places we can only dream of getting to!

During the course of her weight loss journey, Rosie travelled to places like;

Builia Camel Races, Longreach, Darwin, Alice Springs, South Australia – Broken Hill…, Brisbane, Melbourne,Tasmania and the Gold Coast.

Rosie is a wonderful client with proven commitment and dedication to managing her weight goals over a long time. Losing so much weight is a remarkable achievement, and we are so proud and happy to have been with you on this two-year journey Rosie!

Congratulations Rosie, you are our champion and a star!  ❤👏🥂

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