What is Stopping Your Weight Loss?

You may be currently on a weight loss program, and doing quite well, but suddenly – for no apparent reason – your weight loss stops.  There is nothing more frustrating particularly when you are doing everything ‘right’.  However there are a number of reasons why you may not be hitting your goal.  See if you think any of the points below are impinging on your slow weight loss results:

You can survive the weight loss plateau.
  1. You are stressed:  Stress triggers the production of the hormone cortisol which tells the body there is a ‘lack’ of food.  The body responds by laying down fat, slowing your metabolism and stimulating your appetite.  Solution:  It is important you manage stress with yoga and meditation in order to combat the detrimental effects of excess stress. 
  2. You eat the same foods every day:  It is recommended that you eat 30 different kinds of food every week in order to avoid any nutrient deficiencies.  Being deficient in even just one nutrient can make your body crave more food as it is trying to combat the vitamin / mineral deficiency.  Solution:   Eat a wide range of fruit, vegetables, proteins and Low GI carbohydrates to ensure you are getting adequate nutrition levels.
  3. You’re taking prescription medications:  Some prescribed drugs can affect your mood, appetite, metabolism and weight.  Solution:   If you are concerned, see your doctor and ask for alternatives to the medications you are taking
  4. You eat in front of the TV:  TV watchers are less likely to focus on their meal and not remember what they ate, which may cause them to go looking for after dinner snacks.  Solution:  Turn meal times into an event.  Switch off the TV, sit together as a family and share some valuable family time while you eat.
  5. Your house is too hot:  Summer is here…! Studies have shown if you reduce your room temperature from 27 degrees to 22 degrees then you will burn an extra 239 calories per day.  Solution:    Turn down the heat and make your body work harder to keep warm!

These are only some of the reasons why your weight loss efforts may be at a standstill.   

If you need help to get the scales moving downwards again, come and see us.  At The Natural Way, we have all-natural solutions to helping you to lose weight and keep it off.  For example, if you feel that unmanageable stress levels are contributing to your weight problem, our exclusive B+ Zinc and Passiflora is designed to lower stress naturally.

So don’t give up! 

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We know we have a lifestyle friendly program that we can tailor to suit your needs, tastes and budget.      

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